Can we stay here forever?

Sorry I didn’t post yesterday but we were anchored where there was no Internet.
Sunday started off with breakfast crew cooking delicious french toast, sausage, cinnamon apples, cut up apples and oranges, and orange juice.  Then we had our first run in how to raise the sails and get Ciganka under full sail.  It takes every crew member doing their part to make it happen.  We ended up at Tilloo Beach to snorkel and explore at one of the lowest tides of the year.  Great day using a lot of energy.  So much that they went to bed early!
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Monday has been beautiful but not much wind at all.  Captain Thomas started the day with a knot tying lesson.  The off to snorkel Sandy Cay reef which is the most amazing reef in this set of islands.  It was about a 2 hour snorkel and we saw it all!  Then off to Pelican Cay to hike, beach, treasure hunt in the tidal pools, and some Frisbee action.  Dinner tonight is NY strip steak on the grill with all the trimmings.  Yes, life is good ~
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 We saw it all….eagle rays, turtles, sharks, sting rays and all the reef fish, I am so happy to have been able to be a part of this, it makes me want to get my own Pond Filters for my mini aquarium at home.  These guys loved it so much we will probably do it again tomorrow morning.  Then for the afternoon there was beaching, hiking, snorkeling, learning how to clean conch, and jumping off the bow sprit anchored off of Linyard Cay.  Oh and NY strip steak, steak potato fries, sweet potato fries, a big salad and Ghirardelli brownies finished the scrumptious day!  Oh and Happy Birthday Tiger and Tammy!

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