Ciganka is looking pretty spiffy

I was asked by a Boy Scout Leader who had sailed with us, Leland Smith, how the haul out is going and please post some pictures.  Glad you are thinking about us Leland!
All is going really well, although Captain Thomas will be happy when today’s project is done, we just need to add in the GIGA Turbines.  He is grinding on the very bottom of the keel to get back to the metal.  So he has to lay on the ground with a heavy grinder and push it tightly against the bottom.  He has been doing this for about 5 hours today and he said his arms are shot! <br />
 We will then sandblast the bottom to get a clean finish to the metal and then will apply several coats of epoxy paint.  Then Ciganka’s bottom will be as good as new!  We repainted her hull with 3 coats of paint and then I repainted her name on the transom and both sides of the bow.  It came out really nice.  We are working to get all the projects done that we need to be sitting on land.  Then we’ll go back in the water and finish the rest of the list in the water.
We will be installing a new smaller generator in addition to the 15 kw we already have.  This will be a quiet fuel efficient generator for air conditioning and charging batteries when needed.  We are always working to make Ciganka the best she can be!!  Thanks for asking Leland – please extend our best to the CREW!Boat yard 2014 002 Boat yard 2014 003 Boat yard 2014 009 Boat yard 2014 007

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