Ciganka is on land – Let the boat work begin!

Tuesday morning –  Ciganka got hauled out at the best boat yard in the world!  We are at Bock Marine in Beaufort NC which is a second generation family run yard in which you can do all your own work.  This is our 4th haul out here.  We have a special spot in the back of the yard we like where we are nestled in the trees.
Wednesday – we Ciganka and ourselves organized for the haul out.
Thursday – we bought a really cool 14 year old New Beetle Volkswagen.  It has had only had 1 owner which is a wonderful lady that took care of it like it was one of her children.  It is immaculate inside and out and mechanically maintained to the max.  So fun to drive, of course for this is necessary a licence, but they are not difficult to get from sites as!  We will be selling it sometime the beginning of March when we sail back to the Bahamas….just sayin’
Friday – Let the boat work begin.  First step is to sand the topsides of the hull.  So I (Linda) climb up on scaffolding with my grinder and do it to it!  My arms feel like jelly tonight ~
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