Crew Shirts

You can easily order your own Ciganka High Adventure Sailing Crew shirts and have them shipped to you before the charter.  This way you will have them to wear while on board!
The “Ciganka High Adventure Sailing” logo for the front of the shirt is already designed and ready to be put on your shirt.  We also have a real cool “Crew” logo for the back of the shirt if you want.  They ship the orders very quickly but I suggest you put in your order a month ahead of your charter date.
Here is how you order your shirts:
1. Pick the type of shirt you want.  The basic short sleeve cotton t-shirt starts at $17.95 BUT depending on the quantity you order you get a substantial discount on price.  When ordering 20 shirts with the “Ciganka High Adventure Sailing” logo on the front and the “Crew” logo on the back they are only $12.37 and you can get a $10 discount on the order with putting in this code VY6NvpUS at checkout.
2. Click on Bulk Pricing – it is located under the price of the shirt.
3. Fill in your Sizes and Quantities
4. Click on “Add a Back Design” – If you want the “Crew” logo on the back.  I think it looks really cool!  Once you click on “Add a Back Design” two different squares appear one showing the front of your t-shirt and the other showing the back.  Click on “Edit” on the “back” to pick the “Crew” logo in the color you want.  Now you should see what will be on the front of your shirt and the back of your shirt in the two squares.  Make sure this is correct before you place your order.
5. Click “Add to Cart”
6. Click “Checkout Now” – For every order of $85 or more you get a FREE Customized T-Shirt!  Customize it any way you like, and click the Add To Cart button. 
7. You cannot apply the coupon code here.  Continue on and log in your information.  There is a place to enter the coupon code on the page before your payment information.
8. Apply Coupon Code VY6NvpUS so you get an additional $10 off your order!
9. Fill in your payment information and submit order.
If you have any questions or concerns call our personal assistant Ashley Fein.  She is a wonderful happy helpful person that will assist you with your order or questions.

Ashley Fein (800)787-1741 or (586)838-1753 Mon , Wed, and Fri, 7:30 A.M.- 4:00 P.M. EST Tues and Thurs 9:30 A.M. – 6:00 P.M. EST

A couple points to note:
*As a gift to the crew we give you a Ciganka High Adventure Sailing baseball cap during your week on board.  Here is the hat each crew member will get
*Some of the moisture wicking shirts can’t have our logo printed on them because of the fabric.  If when you click on the type of shirt you want and the Ciganka logo does not appear on it, it is because our logo cannot be printed on it.  Choose another type of shirt if you want our logo.

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