The Dorsey-Kneal Family Reunion

A Family Reunion at its Best!  Most of the people of the two families had already been on board Ciganka for a High Adventure Sailing Trip with their Scout Troop 805 from Union, KY.  But now it was time to enjoy this adventure with the entire families, wives and daughters, included!  And what an adventure we had!  As you can see from the pictures, this crew loved just hanging out (in the hammocks) and laughing, singing and telling good stories on one another.  But we also got in a lot of great snorkeling, sailing and fishing (catching 2 big beautiful mutton snappers on our last day), and of course eating and drinking!   This crew stepped up to the task in every way and had a blast!!  These guys were off the grid all week long and finally had the opportunity to chill, enjoy, and totally engage in all aspects of the week.  I cannot tell you how much Thomas and I enjoyed each and every one of you.  All of you Scouts were so much younger when we saw you last.  And it does our hearts good to see how amazing how you have grown into such stellar young adults.  Keep kicking it into high gear, be so proactive in your life, and always remember you are always welcome on board Ciganka.  A special “gracias” to Rob and Angela who made this happen again.  Until the next adventure together ……. With Love ~

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