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This week began about 6 years ago by a comment from Lydia saying we should go sailing sometime when the kids get a bit older. And true to her word she and Ann made it happen. They called the Rader family who’s kids were friends with Ann and Lydia’s. Without much hesitation the Rader family was “in”. After about 5 different snorkels the crew had improved their techniques and had become quite the divers! The wind was light at the beginning of the week but we made it up with a wonderful full sail tacking from Man-O-War to Hope Town. This crew realized it takes a lot of energy to get Ciganka all “canvased up”. I think one of the highlights of the trip was that the kids participated in the festivities on Man-O-War celebrating their Independence Day on July 10th. You can see through the pictures just how much a part of it they were. And it was fun to help Ann celebrate a birthday – we won’t way which one! Thank you Lydia, we know you were instrumental in putting this all together! It has been so nice to get to know our “family” and see these amazing individuals! Our love to you all and we are grateful for the time with all of you!


Our first snorkel of the week and Amado is off and running….I mean snorkeling!


Amado and his buddy Ben are off snorkleing together


Next in Abby!


This was Lydia’s first snorkel so she practiced at the ladder first


Off to walk the ocean side beach at the Low Spot on Man-O-War Cay


And a nice “Joy” shower at the end of the day


Ben jumping off of the bow sprit. Now that is a funny picture!


Amado’s turn


There goes Ana….with a scream you cannot hear so I am telling you!


Ben is quite the gymnast so he started doing fancy back flips


They had their own little beaty salon spraying “Sun-In” on Ann’s hair!


Amado steered the boat for abaout 2 hours one day and was just as happy as can be!


Ann is chillin’


Snorkeling over to Tilloo Beach


What a gorgeous beach at low tide!


Mother and daughter hanging in the hammock. So sweet!


On our first sail Amado and Ana help hoist the spanker sail by pulling up the throat halyard


And Ben was in charge of pulling up the spanker peak halyard


Pretty Ana at the helm


Amado and Lydia take a hammock nap.


Guess who is having a birthday?


It is Ann’s birthday today!


Happy birthday to YOU!


She blew out ALL the candles. Good job!


Our crew is ready to participate in the Bahamas’ Independent Day festivities on Man-O-War.


Mom and son getting to hang out together in the Bahamas. Pretty cool!


Enjoying early morning on the beach


Begining the celebration with singing the national anthem


They kicked it hard in the short run and earned some points


Next event is the egg race. You have to keep the egg in the spoon as you go as fast as you can down the course.


It was hilarious


Look at that concentration




In Abby’s age group they had to carry 2 eggs in a spoon in their mouth. Abby got first!


Next are the water events


Amado steals the lead in his age group pretty quickly


And Ben finished right after him. Great job crew!


Soory Abby I shot that picture a little too close. But Abby placed second in her group!


They tried to snorkel close to this eagle ray. We steered the dinghy so that the ray would swim towards Ben. It ended up going right towards Ben and he ended up swimming right on top of it!


One of those nice mother/son moments


Lydia picked up Amado’s third place medal in his age group


Ben got a second place medal.


Abby tied for for First Place in her age group. We were so proud of all of them!


And to end the 2012 Bahamas Independence celebration Man-O-War set off an incredible display of fireworks! They were spectacular!


We all really enjoyed them!


The next day us some nice winds to hoist all our sail. Amado, Ben, Abby and Ana hoisted the mainsail throat halyard. That is a lot of work!


Ann and Stacey are on the mainsail peak halyard




Great photo of the kids hoisting the sail


These two seem to be laughing more than anything!


Sweating off the halyard


“Point Man” ready to help hoist the staysail


Staysail Crew ready to hoist sail


Sail UP!


Spannker Crew backwind to starboard…


Abby is coiling her halyard line so it is ready when we take the sail down


Captain shows her how to tie it off securely


Buddies being buddies!


Awe – you have to just love this!


Ann enjoying her time at the helm with Ciganka under full sail with a nice breeze blowing!


Mamma and Son – Priceless!


The Rader Family – What a joy each of you are. Thanks so much for being a part of a wonderful week on Ciganka!


Off to climb the lighthouse and enjoy Hope Town. Have Fun!


The Ruiz-Perez Family. Thanks you guys for making this whole incredible week happen! Thanks bunches to each of you!


The whole incredible NC Crew!


Wednesday eve as the sun started to set it cast an amazing color on everything around us. Take a look…







Making the most of our last day. A little frisbee on Tahiti Beach


Another piece of paradise


Ben steers us back to Marsh Harbour


We have one more birthday celebration…Happy Birthday Ben…this coming Sunday….but thanks for celebrating with us today!


He blew out all his candles on his Reeses Peanut Butter Cup cheesecake!


Congratulations to our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient, Amado. You’re top of the heap – just keep striving to do your BEST

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