Gerrity Family


We could gush on and on about what an unforgettable, spectacular, fun, adventurous, laughter-filled, celebrated, priceless, loving week this was on Ciganka with the Gerrity family but let’s just say…..simply the BEST! When is the next family reunion on Ciganka?? Our heart filled love and thanks to each of you ~ Dennis, Mary Jo, TJ, Veronica, Scott, Randi, Mark, and Grace!


The Gerrity Family is here – Let the PARTY begin!


Good morning Sunshine!


Saturday morning – time to get Ciganka sailing!


Spannker Crew is ready!


Mark and Grace are hoisting the throat halyard on the spannker and Randi is hoisting the peak halyard


Scott is on the spannker sheet and has to make sure his crew is doing their jobs properly!


Sweat it off Grace – Tough Stuff!


Ready to put up the main sail


Are you ready Bro?


TJ and Scott hoist the mail sail throat halyard while Mary Jo takes care of the down haul line


Randi and Grace kickin’ butt hoisting the mail sail peak halyard


Look at them go!


Sweat it off




Got to coil the lines nice and neat


Mom and TJ ready on the staysail halyard


Sail UP!


Getting the jib untied and ready to hoist


Dad and TJ work on this one together


Scott does an awesome job on the port jib sheet


Our first dive was at Baker’s Bay reef. First thing we saw was a nice big nurse shark and a friendly barracuda




It was a spectacular dive


Then off to enjoy one of the most beautiful beaches in the world….


…cold beers in hand!


The next day we had a successful conch hunt!


GREAT job Crew!


Captain Thomas shows how to clean the conch


Linda made up a huge batch of her famous conch fritters. I couldn’t get a picture of the fritters because they ate them so fast!


Veronica (or is it Vernonica?) is eating a conch pistol – Yummy!


Off to Nippers – have FUN!



Another gorgeous sunset


Off to do the famous drift dive at Iron Cay



And to top off this day we got to celebrate Dennis birthday with a delicious red velvet cake with cream cheese icing.


Happy Birthday to me!


Happy Birthday Dennis!


And then they all went completely crazy singing something……


Today ended up being one of the crew’s favorite


At low tide they explored Tilloo Beach


And then snorkeled the sand banks


Finding incredible treasures


Magificent shells


Grace found this stunning helmet conch. It was alive so we put it back.


And Scott got his Queen conch!!


Then the whole crew is off to dive Sandy Cay Reef, which is probably one of the most spectacular reefs in the Abacos!


And we had such a fun, wild, wet ride to get there!


And we got to see the eagle rays!


A turtle


And two more sharks!




Mark got a lot of underwater footage with his GoPro


There goes Grace – she loved the snorkeling. You could not get her out of the water!


This is the last picture with my new expensive underwater camera before it died! Refund time!


Spannker Crew – backwind HARD to port!



The view from the top of the HopeTown lighthouse


Yes, life is good!


Mary Jo loved sleeping in the hammock


We also celebrated Dennis and Mary Jo’s Anniversary!


This is a Bailey’s Irish Cream cake!!


What a beautiful example of Love, Commitment, Fun, and Family!


This is Grace’s pirate face – Arrrrrrrghhhhh!



Happy Happy Gerrity Family!


TJ and Veronica – LOVE you guys!


And they love each other!


Scott and Randi – LOVED having you both on board! Please come back!


This picture is so sweet!


And then there is crazy Mark and Grace!


Oh Yes


Adorable – LOVE you two!


Brothers!! This one makes my heart melt! I know Mom will love it too!




The Gerrity fun loving clan!


The cutest “Point Man” we have ever had. You did a great job Veronica!


Mark was “Squirrel Man” again!




Sorry this one is blurry but I still like it


I think Dennis likes the icing!



“Squirrel Man” doin’ his thang


Off for another adventure!


Spannker Crew!


In the pool bar in Hope Town. Everyone looks happy!


Dinner out in Hope Town. Thank you!


We became good friends ~


Patches “earned” and hats on!


Thank you Dennis and Mary Jo for making this week happen!


The Gerrity Family