Haller trip to the Dominican Republic


This is the fourth time that Steve and Mary Haller have been aboard Ciganka for a high adventure. They have sailed with us in the Bahamas three times and now they spent 11 days enjoying the Dominican Republic. We did it all! We snorkeled a reef on the north coast of Luperon, we hiked to the blow holes and caves, we ate fresh fish and lobster in El Castillo where is where Christopher Columbus built his first settlement, we explored several beaches, strolled the town of Luperon and enjoyed the hospitality of the locals, drank some beers in our friends tree house, hiked down to the 2nd largest waterfall in the Dominican Republic, and white water rafted down El Rio de Jimenoa. We lived life large. The pictures that follow will show you the spectacular gifts of this amazing country we were fortunate to experience. And once again – thank you Steve and Mary!


The Haller Crew arrive in the Dominican Republic ready for adventure!


We enjoyed the beach at El Castillo after we explored the first settlement Christopher Columbus built in the New World



We also enjoy a lobster and fish dinner at “Marlen’s Restaurant”!


This big beautiful rooster was hanging around the restaurant


On our way to snorkel a reef of the north coast of Luperon


Brandon was the first in the water ready to check it all out


Beautiful fire coral


Thomas was looking for a lobster to bring home


Which one is Mary??


We had a wonderful time visitng our friends that built their own tree house!


We were hanging out on their back porch


So awesome!


It does not hurt the tree because it is built to move with the tree


And this is the view!


They built an outside shower that Steve is demonstrating how to use. Thanks Steve!


In the dinghy heading over to the other side of the harbor to hike an amazing trail to the blow holes


When the ocean waves hit the shoreline the force of the water explodes through a natural hole in the rock shooting it way up in the air.


There she blows


Steve’s enjoying the view


These next series of pictures are from our excursion to Damajagua http://27charcos.com/index.php


Our crew looks ready for this high high adventure!!


Aren’t Mary & Steve adorable!?


We start our adventure by walking across the foot bridge to the other side of the river


Now we start our 45 minute hike to the top of the cavern


This is Berny, our entertaining guide. He kept us safe and laughing the whole time.


The scenery was stunning!


Yes, we made it to the top….now the REAL adventure begins….


Now we will jump or side down 27 natural waterfalls/slides to the bottom.


Go Juli!


There goes Captain Thomas


Ok Steve – it is your turn



We’d have a short hike to the next jump


Yeah Steve – good job Mr. Haller!


This is such an amazing place


We’re all pretty stoked!


We never knew what was around the next turn…


Thought you would enjoy seeing our jumping “forms”. Thomas likes to hold onto his helmet.


Brandon at least has his toes pointed


Juli listened to our guide and tucked her legs


Linda looks like a bird in flight


Go Mary – Proud of YOU – but your form does need some improvement!


Steve holds his nose so he is safe from the brain eating amoebas – Just kidding people!! There are no braining eating amoebas!


Steve got a leg cramp but our wonderful guide Berny took care of him!


And off we go again




We’re having such a blast!!


Great form Brandon!







This whole excursion was absolutely stunning!



Brandon is hiding so he can scare Linda as she comes around the corner…ha ha ha!


And of course he scared her so she had to spash him to death


This was after we jumped off a 25 ft. ledge into this pool of water. Linda said her heart was in her throat. We we did it!!



We’re all still alive….



And the adventure continues




We are getting ready to slide down this waterfall


There goes Linda


And of course Brandon wants to jump from the highest point he can!


I think Brandon is enjoying this


There is our little cutie Juli


We did it!!


Now off to Cabarete for some kite surfing


But let’s have lunch at an Irish pub in the Dominican Republic


How about a nice dip in the ocean


Time to fly!


Are you ready Steve??


Brandon did really well!


Mary and Steve enjoyed our wonderful Catholic church in Luperon


For the last 3 days of the trip we went to Jarabacoa to enjoy the mountains of the Dominican Republic


This is the vehicle we get qround in. We affectionately call it the Yellow Donkey.


Our first excursion was hiking to the Jimenoa Waterfall. This is the second largest waterfall in the country.




You gotta love it ~



We climbed all over these house size boulders



Looking good Thomas!


Thumbs up Steve!


These are pools near the waterfall where we can swim



Don’t fall Steve!


Juli and her walking stick


We are loving this!


What an incredible spot – right Mary??


If Brandon can jump off of a rock – he will!


And jump again…


That is Brandon again


And again…


Juli’s turn


And Linda too


What a spectacular day!


But we are not done yet. It is time to go white water rafting. Linda looks a little concerned.


We had a very scenic ride to the river. Here we go!


This crew is ready to take on the rapids with our super guide Elias!


We first learn our “paddling” commands on land


And away we GOOOOoooooooooo!


Now the fun begins….did I say fun??


The rest of the crew seems to be enjoying this…but I am not sure about Linda


Hang on Mary!!


Half way down the river we stopped by a snack.


And there was high rock to jump off of so of course Brandon had to jump! Ya Man!


Sweet little Juli did it too!


This is about a 30 ft. jump and Steve did it too. Awesome Mr. Haller!


And Brandon had to jump again. Perfect form!


Now bacak to the rapids. Has Linda stopped screaming yet?


There were a few quiet moments and as always the scenery was breathtaking ~


I think we were really good paddlers!



That wasn’t so bad….


Haller Family Dominican Republic High Adventure Vacation