Last minute change of plans

Our plans were to head of the Abacos and take a right sailing to the Dominican Republic….but….2 days ago Captain Thomas decided we’re sailing to North Carolina!  A lot of nice reasons prompted this change in plans.  Thomas and I are blessed to have both set of parents, at 79 years old, still very healthy and active.  We want to spend some quality time with our parents!  And there is a whole slue of brothers, sisters. nieces, nephews, and friends that we can’t wait to hang out with!  We also are hoping to fly down to the Dominican Republic and get our “fix” of that wonderful piece of our lives.
It has been 5 years since we hauled out Ciganka.  So we will make our way to our favorite boatyard in the whole world, Bock Marine, in Beaufort, NC.  Ciganka is going to get the TLC she deserves and will be looking spiffy again inside and out!   We have a long list of projects we are excited to get accomplished.
Looks like we will sail out of here this Monday afternoon (tomorrow) or Tuesday morning.  I’ll post again when we get to the “other side”.  Off we go to another great adventure ~

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