Mother/Daughter Week


It was such a joy to see these mother/daughter pairs side by side in every thing they did….snorkeling, beach walks, galley duty, exploring Hope Town, checking out Nippers, eating, reading, climbing the Hope Town lighthouse, cruising in the stretch limo dinghy, and hanging out on Ciganka. This week was focused on making the most of their time together with fun excursions in a “chilled out” pace. We know that these memories will be remembered and cherished forever! Thank you all!


Getting ready for their first snorkel


For 3 of them this was their first snorkel. They all did great!


Here is our awesome crew for the week!!


They are all ready to make the most of their time on Ciganka in the Bahamas!


Lookin’ good! Off to enjoy the ocean side beach on Man-O-War. Intensely beautiful!


Guess that beach walk tuckered out one of our crew….


Then we went to visit our friends, Jay and Jan on Dickies Cay. We got to playon their water slide.


There goes Ann down the slide!!




Then we cruised the Man-O-War harbour in the stretch limo dinghy!


The winds were light so we motored around the north end of Baker’s Bay to spend the afternoon on the ocean side


And once again we have this whole spectacular place to ourselves! SWEET!


Their own piece of paradise!


Hi Moms! You sure don’t look too stressed out!


Time like this together….priceless!


Gorgeous Girls (the bright sun was right in our eyes!)


The next morning we all went on a conch hunt


We were very successful but only took what we were going to eat. Aren’t they beautiful?


Each one is unique


Then Captain Thomas shows the crew how to get the meat out of the shell


This is what comes out of the shell. Can you believe it?


Linda is going to make cracked conch for dinner tonight


Everybody picked out their favorite shell to keep then took it to the beach to clean off the sand and seaweed off the outside of the shell


Donna and Sarah got their shells nice and spiffy!


Leslie is enjoying a morning ride on th bow sprit


Good morning!


Donna even took a nap after she got up in the morning. Now that is relaxed!


Leslie and Sarah did a super job being our “Lifeline and Ladder Crew”. Thank you both!


Coming out of Hope Town on Wednesday eve we had a wonderful full moon!


This was by far Sarah’s favorite spot. Someone needs to get her a hammock for her bedroom!


Mother/Daughter side by side for the last snorkel of the trip


See these guys carrying pancakes to feed the fish on Fowle Cay. The fish came in swarms to eat!


It was a blast to watch


Awe….Donna & Sarah – Thanks so much for being such a wonderful part of our week!


Sweetness…Ann & Leslie – funnny, fun, fabulous – Love you BOTH dearly!


Mother/Daughter CREW!

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