Round 4 on Ciganka for Troop 59!

They showed up with enthusiasm, humor, a willingness to do their best, a fun attitude, and ready to make the most of their week on Ciganka!

Captain Thomas giving them their first snorkeling lesson.  Looks like they are paying attention!  And away they go for their first snorkel on Mermaid Reef

Troop 59 2015 001 Troop 59 2015 006 Troop 59 2015 007 Troop 59 2015 009

Troop 59 2015 012

Good morning crew.  Time for French toast with hot cinnamon apples, bacon, fresh fruit, and OJ.  Thanks Galley Crew ~

Troop 59 2015 017 Troop 59 2015 018

We saw lots of amazing things on our Sandy Reef dive including sharks, eagle rays, and a huge loggerhead turtle!

Troop 59 2015 025eaglerays3

Troop 59 2015 024

They had Pelican Cay all to themselves

Troop 59 2015 027

Raising full sails on Ciganka – Spannker Up

Troop 59 2015 033

Mainsail Up

Troop 59 2015 035 Troop 59 2015 039

Troop 59 2015 041 Troop 59 2015 043

Troop 59 2015 044

Troop 59 2015 033Troop 59 2015 033Staysail and Jib Up

Troop 59 2015 056Troop 59 2015 047

The best way to start our day!!

Troop 59 2015 029

And you better clean your plate!!

Troop 59 2015 030

The Scouts

Troop 59 2015 061

Troop 59 Ciganka Crew

Troop 59 2015 063

Had such a great time with you Dad!

Troop 59 2015 072 Troop 59 2015 068

Troop 59 2015 066 Troop 59 2015 065

Troop 59 2015 064Troop 59 2015 033

Another fun snorkel on Fowle Cay

Troop 59 2015 076

Happy Birthday Marc!  We celebrated with Ghirardelli brownies

Troop 59 2015 080

Yes Mom – they do dishes!

Troop 59 2015 086

Spannker Crew back wind to starboard.  I LOVE this picture!

Troop 59 2015 087

Off to explore Man-O-War

Troop 59 2015 089 Troop 59 2015 091

Today as we hoisted full sail it was light air and we were slowly sailing along hoping to catch some fish.  We kept a close eye on the dark clouds that were to our north.  We could see rain in the distance but hoped it would not reach us.  Then in an instant the temperature dropped 15 degrees, the wind kicked into 25 to 30 knots clocking out of the north.  Looks like the cold front they were talking about has reached us.  It was wild to experience the cold front line in such an exhilarating way.  Will was at the helm with the Captain standing by his side while we all enjoyed the adrenaline of the sail.  We were sailing at 10 knots with Ciganka feeling good under our feet and the whooping and happy hollering of our crew cutting through the strong winds.  This lasted for about for about 30 minutes before it passed and the winds relaxed again.  But we all kept smiling knowing we would never forget this moment!  I did not get any pictures because I was paying attention to what was going on.  But I know Hans had his GoPro going and several people were taking pictures.  I am sure there will be some good ones to go with this experience.

I apologize for not being able to post earlier but we were not able to get online.  Found out there were some issues with our router.  Got it fixed and hopefully we are good to go.  Just wanted to say thank you from the Captain and I for sharing your incredible sons and husbands with us this week.  They will have a lot of great stories to share with you when they get home.  More pictures to come as time and Internet allows ~

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