Sherry, Larry, Jeri & Ed Yoga & Sailing Retreat ~

Sailing, sailing and more sailing!!  We really took advantage of the weather with getting ourselves on a couple great dives for the 2 days we had calm winds.  Because once the wind cranked up it never let up.  This was just what this crew ordered.  They wanted to sail and sail fast.  We did just that!  They also did a wonderful yoga practice together each morning.  A heartfelt thank you to each one of you that brought a lot of laughter, the fun of sailing, the spirit of adventure, the calm of the yoga zen, the joy of eating delicious food, and Love in their hearts and spirit.  We are already planning on you coming back soon!  Stayed tuned until next week when I will be adding amazing pictures (of the 4,500 they took!) and videos.

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