The Pirate Flag

Wednesday night the crew presented us with a pirate flag that they all signed.  It is a gift for the ship to be flown in their honor.  So we a had true pirate ceremony as the flag was hoisted on Ciganka for the first time.  It was hilarious!  I did get a video of this and when I have enough time to download it I will post it.  But at least enjoy these pictures.  And the day ended with jumps, flips, and belly flops off the bow sprit.  Lots of laughs!

Troop 805 KY 049 Troop 805 KY 050 Troop 805 KY 052 Troop 805 KY 054

Troop 805 KY 057Troop 805 KY 068 Troop 805 KY 067 Troop 805 KY 063 Troop 805 KY 064 Troop 805 KY 065


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