The WI, CO, and IL Crew


This group came from 3 different states – WI, CO, and IL. They did not know each other but they were all ready to make the most of their week aboard Ciganka. The week started out with literally no wind. So we took advantage of some incredible snorkeling on the ocean side reefs. On Tuesday morning we had a bit of wind to hoist sail. Right after we got all the sails up the wind picked up quite nicely to give us a sail to remember! The rest of the week we got to sail every day. The very last day of the charter we made it down to Sandy Cay reef where we were paraded by 3 huge eagle rays swimming in tandem, swam with a “cute” black tip shark, played with a turtle, enjoyed several sting rays, and got up close and person with a huge variety of reef fish. Then to top off that dive we hoisted full sail again for a pleasant cruise back to Marsh Harbour. None of us wanted the week together to end. This group really came together as a crew and became good friends! Thank you to each and every one of you for taking the “leap of faith” and creating a very memorable week for us!


The crew showed up from 3 different parts of the US – WI, CO, and IL. ?
They did not know each other but they really came together as an amazing crew!


It is time for the swim test and Shania is


And there goes Sandy!


Eeewwwhh – It is salty!


Oh yeah Elizabeth – good jump!


Swimming swimming in the swimming pool – oh I mean the ocean!


There is Margaret


Hey Chrissy, are you having fun yet? ?Your finger nails still look good!


Mother and daughter making it twice around the boat – and it is a big boat!


We could always find Shania in the water because of her bright pink swimming suit!


There goes our pretty Allysha swimming over to Shell Cay


Mom and Daughter gettting to


Shania became the snorkeling Queen. ?She kept up with everybody!!


They had the whole island to themselves


Chrissy and Allysha are off to find some cool shells


What did they find??


Shell Cay





Look at Stanley’s form – his jumping form I mean!


A family that plays together – stays together


And they did like to play!


Out french horn player was really good at playing the conch horn too!


Patrick could use some more practice!


Just chillin’


Mother/Daughter hanging out – Priceless!




They had to do this several times a day. ?They did a fantastic job!!


Margaret tying the ladder to the boat so it does not float away!


Ready for another snorkel Shannon?


They both finally jumped in with their snorkel gear on!


Can you believe how beautiful the water is?? ?Oh and Shannon too?!


Patrick jumping in to go snorkel Fowle Cay reef


Father and son are off exploring together


Carol are you ready? ?The water really is this blue!


Snorkeling on Fowle Cay right behind the boat


The sky is looking dark. ?We eventually had to cut the dive short because of a rain storm.


But we ended up going back to the reef after the rain so they could finish their spectacular dive!


Brad is plum tuckered out!


Patrick likes jumping off the bow sprit


….AND hanging out with his Dad!!


It does not get any prettier than this. ?Our stylin’ ladies!


We top off the day with a swim to the beach for some ocean side body surfing!


Shannon is running to the shore because she


Thanks for another beautiful day in paradise!


Red at night – sailors delight



We all enjoyed Jim’s guitar playing and sing-a-longs. ?We knew some of the words most of the time!


Off to climb the Hope Town lighthouse and explore the historical settlement!


Enjoying the morning low tide at Tahiti Beach


I know Sandy looks a bit stressed – that is because she just did a rescue at sea…


She rescued Shania’s sock from the turbulent sea beside the boat. ?Thank you Sandy!!



You did a GREAT job! ?Now you know your clove hitch!!


Do they look excited about doing dishes??


I am just so tired!


Me too!


I really want to take a nap!


Spanker Crew ready to hoist sail


Sail up!


Spanker throat halyard crew. ?Now they are working hard!


Stanley is on the sheet and Allysha is on the peak halyard


Sweat it off!


Sheet to center


Main sail up!


Chrissy, Brad, and Jim on the main sail throat halyard. ?Tough Stuff!


A pretty crew of Shannon and Margaret on the main sail peak halyard!


Awesome job throat halyard crew!


They worked as a team to make it happen


Sweating off the main sail throat halyard


Now peak it up…….


Go Girls!


Jim and Patrick are ready to hoist the staysail



Spanker Crew sheet to center


Chrissy coiling up the throat halyard. ?Not an easy task.


Mother and daughter hoisting the jib. ?Look at Margaret’s beautiful hair!


Sweat it off Mamma!!


Captain Thomas gives Jim instructions as to where to steer the ship


Jim seems to have everything calmly under control


Coiling the jib halyard


I took a picture of myself in Brad’s sunglasses. ?Can you see me??


Patrick – What are those women talking about??


Patrick’s time at the helm


Proud Pappa sitting by proudly watching his son steer Ciganka under full sail


Stanley is on the port jib sheet


I tell you what – he got


Patrick was on the starboard jib sheet


His Dad helped him crank it in. ?They got very


Uh Oh – Stanley is at the helm. ?Why does that make us all nervous?


Main sail crew taking the sail down


To have the sail come down correctly they really have to work together. ?This crew did just that. ?Seriously good!


And Shania had to pull down the peak down haul. ?Great job Shania!



He did ALL his jobs superbly!! ?Yes – Superbly!


Brad – Are you picking on your Mom?


Jim comes to the rescue!


You’ll love the drift dive – I promise!


Ok – Bye bye!


Now what are they doing??


Hi Allysha – Are you having fun?


Getting ready for the last dive of this trip


This dive is on Sandy Cay Reef


What we do is jump off the side of Ciganka…


Then we snorkel over to the reef


We saw all kinds of amazing sea life on this dive


GO Sandy!


We say several big eagle rays, lots of sting rays, sharks, turttles, barracudas, angel fish, parrot fish, and many others!


Brad’s turn!


The coral formations were impressive too!


Spanker Crew back wind to starboard!


YEAH Spanker Crew!!


Sweating off the main sail throat halyard. ?Go Chrissy and Jim!


Elizabeth enjoying her time on the helm


Shania taking her turn at the helm too!


This crew found some conch on the drift dive. ?Time to get a conch cleaning lesson from the Captain.


Look at what comes out of that shell! ?But it is delicious to eat!


The crew watching Captain Thomas clean the conch


Elizabeth is game for trying the fresh raw conch. ?Does it taste like chicken?? ?NOI!


And her Dad tastes that salty clear wiggely piece that is part of the conch. ?Taste like a salty gummy bear!


Looks like Brad has the


Carol, thanks for keeping us all laughing! ?You are welcome aboard any time!


A heartfelt thank you to Chrissy who was the


Such a great picture of our


The WI, CO, and IL Crew

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