Troop 1089 Houston, TX


The weather was amazing, the sailing was amazing, the snorkeling was amazing, and YES – the Troop was amazing!! Seriously, this week’s weather was so wonderful. We had 4 great days of wind that gave the crew ample practice to become very skilled in each job that needed to be done in order to get Ciganka up and sailing under full canvas. By day 4 this crew got Ciganka under full sail in about 5 minutes! That is darn good! The winds were strong enough that we were clipping along at 8 to 9 knots and heeled over nicely. These Scouts and Leaders chose to do their very best at whatever task was asked. We are proud of all of you! The snorkel at Sandy Cay Reef also was a highlight of the trip because many of the group saw 3 manta rays! I, Admiral Linda, have snorkeled this reef for 10 years probably 10 times a year and I have never seen a manta ray here. So we are hoping they have moved in and are here to stay! Also on this reef one of the Scouts, Mark, had a turtle swim between his legs and its flippers lightly touched his legs and then swam right in front of his face. Now that is up close and personal. The Scouts that were with him said he screamed like girl. But we won’t tell anyone that! A huge thank you to Troop 1089. Come back and see us soon and we’ll fly that beautiful Texas flag!!


First Galley duty – French toast with peaches on the side, sausage, and OJ. I am hungry!


Now getting ready for our first snorkel on Mermaid Reef


There they go!


You guys are up next…


You guys are up next…



Great form Joe!


Last but not least – Tim is ready!


Marshall takes his turn as we first get Ciganka under sail


They have learned how to coil their halyard lines


A “Joy” shower is a beautiful thing!


Happy Birthday Sean!! He got hot cherry cobbler for his birthday dessert – with fresh whip cream!


Our breakfast buffet


Captain Thomas giving his knot tying lesson


Captain showing how to tie a clove hitch


They look like they are paying attention!??



Hoisting the spanker throat halyard


Hoisting the spanker peak halyard


Thank you for our beautiful Texas flag!!


Mainsail Crew


Staysail and Jib Crew!


Doing a fantastic job as raising the mainsail throat halyard. That is a tough job!


Now they have to sweat it off. Looks like they are sweating a bit too!


Hoisting the mainsail peak halyard. They tended to giggle a lot!


Roy was in charge of our mainsail down haul


And Eddie took care of the main sheet


Spanker Crew backwind to starboard!


“Point Man” Sean sitting down on the job!


Look how good the mainsail crew coiled and stowed their lines


Hoisting the jib. YEAH!




These awesome guys took care of the starboard jib sheet!


We got some incredible pictures of Ciganka under full sail with Troop 1089 on board!








Love that Texas flag!


Steve looking so excited at the helm!


Off to do the drift dive at Iron Cay


They are back from an incredible dive!


Love you guys!


Ready to do the drift dive at Sandy Cay


Cool picture


Awe – So darn cute!


They jump off the boat like paratroopers


There goes Kendall


Perfect form Tim!


They loved this reef. They saw manta rays, eagle rays, stings rays, lots of turtles, sharks, huge grouper, and tons of the other reef fish


With one of the Scouts, Mark, a turtle when right between his legs and his flippers lightly scraped his legs. Can you imagine?


As you can see Roy is doing A-OK!


We had the whole island of Pelican Cay to ourselves!



Michael was our “Squirrel Man”


He did a super job all week long!! Thank YOU!


Tim was in charge of the staysail sheet!


Sweating off the staysail halyard. Tough Stuff!


Such a fun father and son team. You both are welcome back any time!


Matt enjoying his time on the helm with Ciganka under full sail


Awe so nice! We had a lot of fun together!


Michael pulls in on the jib sheet


Then Marshall cranks it in to set the sail


You both kept us laughing! Love that Scottish accent!!




Thanks Tim and Matt for being so helpful on board the ship all week! Looks like you are enjoying your time together.


Priceless time together. Thank you both!!


Apples to Apples was played every night with the crowd roaring in hysterical laughter!


Our twins Mark and Philip. I can tell who is who can you??


We found a couple conchs so Captain Thomas showed how to clean them.


Then they all got a taste.


Off to Hope Town for the afternoon


Eddie and Marshall making pancakes together. We even put chocolate chips in them. Yummy!


Marshall and David we our “Lifeline and Ladder Crew” and the did a spectacular job!!


Last snorkel of the week at Fowle Cay. What clear water on a sunny beautiful day!


Last snorkel of the week at Fowle Cay. What clear water on a sunny beautiful day!


Off they goooooooooooooo


Hope you see a turtle or you will have to come back!!


Thank you Eddie for all you always do!


Congratulations to AJ our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient. You deserve it AJ!


Troop 1089 Houston, TX

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