Troop 236 – Edgewood, KY

Thank you once again, for the 5th time, Pete, for bringing another power packed, smart, fun crew that wanted to make the very most of their week on board.  In spite of Hurricane Arthur forming right over us, we packed a lot of great adventures into this week.  As always you and your crew are a treasure to have on board.  And we look forward to your 6th sail with us!!  Thank you so much ~
Troop 236 KY 097Troop 236 KY 095
Thanks Josh – It was GREAT having you on board again.  Good luck at UD!
Troop 236 KY 096
What a fun, energetic, happy CREW!  Thanks to ALL of you!
Troop 236 KY 103 Troop 236 KY 010 Troop 236 KY 011 Troop 236 - KY 083 Troop 236 - KY 051 Troop 236 KY 106
Good friends ~
Troop 236 KY 094
Troop 236 KY 097