Troop 236 – Edgewood, KY & Troop 71 – Baldwinsville, NY


Thanks to Scout Master Pete, this the 4th Ciganka High Adventure Sailing trip for Troop 236. Having Pete back on board always feels “right”. And this year we had Craig and his son Grant return for their second run along with many first timers that we had to “whip” in shape! Then added to the crew was Rush from NY that had been on board twice with his 2 older sons and wanted his youngest son Matt to have this experience. At the last minute Rush’s brother Charlie, and ex-Scout Master from Colorado, joined us also. This crew wanted to sail so that is what we focused on first. They were good at getting Ciganka under full sail quickly. And by the end of the week they were what we call “slick” – which means really really amazingly good! We sailed ourselves to the best snorkel spots and made the most of each dive. Their last snorkel many of them stayed out enjoying the reefs for over 2 hours. You’ll have to ask them all the sea life they saw! By the end of the week this mix of troops and people had come together as an impressive crew. We thank you all! Now continue to make great things happen for yourselves and others!


Welcome aboard – finally. Due to a plane flight being canceled the morning of departure they finally got on Ciganka Sunday at noon!


Thank you breakfast crew for making scrumptious french toast!


Gearing up for our first snorkel


Off they go!


This crew was ready to go sailing – Spanker Crew!!


Triston and Grant hoisting the spanker throat halyard. They were fast!


Andrew is hoisting the spanker peak halyard and “Lefty” Craig is in charge the the spanker sheet.


Sweat it off!


Cleat it off – Job well done Spanker Crew!


Up with the mainsail


Matt and Ethan working hard on the mainsail throat halyard. It is the hardest halyard to pull up on our ship.


The our two “smiley” guys, Joshua and Brandon, hoist the mainsail peak halyard.


Pete is on the mainsail sheet. Thanks Pete!!


Sweating off the throat halyard….I think he is sweating too!


Yes, Ethan, that is correct!


Now peak it up!


Now we are ready to raise the staysail – aren’t we??


Raising the staysail


At the same time the Captain calls for the Spanker Crew to backwind to starboard!


Now pull the main sheet in


Sheet in the staysail – we are sailing as close to the wind as we can!


Oh yea – now time to coil up all that line!


High five Jib Crew – You got that sail up in record time!


Main sail halyard crew – Tough Stuff!


Learning to tack and control the jib sheet


Go Joshua!


Matt and Cody work the starboard job sheet. Great job!


Cool picture


Hanging out and hanging on!


The afternoon was overcast but they had Tilloo Beach all to themselves


The morning started with a knot tying lesson. They all have to tie a clove hitch


Good job Cody!


Ok – who is next?


This is our spanker going up


Next our beautiful mainsail going up


And once again sweating off the throat halyard. I really like this picture!


We know you are working hard Matt!!


And cleating it off



Yes yes – that is how we like our halyards put up! Super job Matt!


Hoisting the jib again


Love that sail!


Captain Thomas giving Cody a few pointers.


The crew enjoying the ride!


Off to do the drift dive at Iron Cay – Have FUN!


How many people are in that dinghy??


Love our stretch limo dinghy too!


Hi Charlie – nice having you on board!


Ready for the spectacular dive on Sandy Cay Reef


Everybody ready??










Now take your time and ENJOY to the MAX!


Pete found a gorgeous live Queen conch


Captain Thomas cleaned it and we all got a taste.


Hey you all look very handsome in your Ciganka hat!


Our crazy crew is off to Hope Town!


They will climb to the top of this lighthouse


Pancakes with chocolate chips is always a winner. Thanks galley crew!!


And Charlie was in charge of the staysail sheet. Ya did great!


SOoooo much enjoyed Andrew palying the guitar


Yeah – Life IS good!


Joshua got a lesson


Nick chillin’ on the bow sprit


Brandon at the helm with Ciganka running down wind under full sail. Don’t jibe!


Snoozing while cruising


Another Scout boat came sailing by


Time to see your skills with the conch horn!


Gosh, Rush made sounds come out of it that I did not know were possible. He was really good!


Mike gives it a try


Nick is not too sure about this….




These guys were jammin’. Love it!


Gettin’ down Mamma!


Pete putting up the main sail sheet


Last dive of the trip. Make the most of it!


And they sure did. Most of them were not back for over 2 hours!


Rush and his brother Charlie getting to share this snorkel and the whole week together. So nice!


We sure enjoyed having Craig and his son Jacob on board. We’d love to have you back sometime!


Huge thank you to the “Lifeline and Ladder Crew” – Brandon and Joshua!


Rush got to enjoy a week on board for his third time with his third son Matt! So thrilled this happened!


And to have Uncle/Brother Charlie part of it too was icing on the cake!


Grant did a super job as our “Squirrel Man” and Crew Chief. We are proud of you Grant!!


“Point Man” Jacob did all his responsibilities like a pro!


Craig and Grant are here for their second time on Ciganka. We can only hope you will be back again. We love you both!


Thank YOU Craig – it is always such a pleasure!


These Scouts are so blessed and fortunate to have Scout Master Pete in their lives. And so are we! Thank you Pete!


Troop 236 – Edgewood, KY & Troop 71 – Baldwinsville, NY


Congratulations to Joshua our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient! His enthusiasm and smile is contagious!