Troop 26-Arden, NC

Troop 26 came from the mountains of NC to the crystal clear waters of the Bahamas for a week of high adventure sailing, snorkeling, hiking, and exploring. They came together as a crew with great enthusiasm, a “let’s do it attitude, and a fun spirit! The last day of the trip we had an incredible sail. The morning sail we hoisted full sail and the winds picked up to 25 knots. We were flying! We can only hope that they will come back again to continue the awesome adventure we started together! Thanks Crew 26!


Did a quick orientation and got Ciganka under full sail right away!


Seems like we were quickly invaded by a pirate!


Cameron took to sailing like a fish takes to water


Father and son already having a blast hanging out on the bow sprit together


Zeke is on the helm stearing Ciganka under full sail!


Randall looks content to be here


Cruising down the coastline of Elbow Cay enjoying the sights


Good Morning! Captain Thomas is giving everyone their first snorkel lesson


Cameron is ready to go!


You guys look so cute!


Great jump Randall!


Good form Jared!


And there goes Kiah. Sweet!


Our crew’s first snorkel – ever. Have fun!


Randall got really good at dving down to the bottom. He brought back all kinds of treasures!


This one was a really cool shell with a big, I mean big, hermit crab in it.


And this incredible Queen helmet conch!


He had to throw it back because tourists are not a llowed to take these from Bahamian waters. But we got a super picture of it!


Our goal with the hermit crab was that he would come out of the shell, fall in the water and go find a new home and live happily ever after…


So we put him by an opening in the bulwarks and he eventually came out of the shell and fell into the water. We hope he has found a nice new home!


Great group picture with this incredible shell!


We had no wind this day but as we motored to our snorkel spot we had 5 dolphins playing at our bow.


The water was so calm and clear we saw a big nurse shark cruise by


Are you having FUN??


Are you having FUN??


Off to do the drift dive at Iron Cay


Cameron trying really heard to blow my conch horn


Galley Crew making breakfast


They made scrumptious french toast, hot cinnamon apples and sausage! Yummy


Started Tuesday with an unbelievable dive on Sandy Cay Reef


It was such a super dive we did it again later that afternoon!


Next off to explore Pelican Cay


Father and son, Randall and Cameron, exploring the island together…priceless!


John hangs out eating sunflower seeds


While the rest of the crew takes a nap!


Is it fishing time or catching time??


It was definitely catching time with Cameron catching the first mutton snapper


The Kiah pulled in the second mutton snapper


And then Jared pulled in the third nice sized mutton snapper. Can you guess what we ate for dinner?


Had some beautiful sunsets


We enjoyed that the Scouts enjoyed this so much!


Typical picture of John!


Sun tarp coming down. Time to go sailing!


Spannker Crew ready to hoist sail


John and Zeke hoisting the spannker throat halyard. Do it!


Jared watches and keeps a good pace as he hoists the spannker peak halyard


Impressive job crew!


Sweating off the throat halyard


Jared making off his halyard line on the pin rail


James was on the Spannker Sheet and did a fantastic job!


Jared is coiling his halyard line so it won’t tangle when we take the sail down


Learning how to secure your line on the pin rail


Randall ready on the main sail sheet


Just a great picture


Main sail crew ready to hoist sail


Up with your sail


Main sail throat halyard crew


They did an insanely good job!


Sweat it off


Main sail peak halyard crew kicking butt too!


Coiling up your halyard line. Not as easy as it looks….you try it!


What is do darn funny??


Thanks Zeke. You did such a good job!


Look at that perfectly hung and coiled line. Ya done yourselves proud!


Ok, getting ready to put the staysail up


Staysail going up


Spannker Crew backwind to starboard!! YEAH!


Point Man taking the gasket off the jib


One more sail to go


Hoist the jib!


All sails up. Point Man is happy!


Having fun on the helm


Time to clean the conch we found


Captain Thomas showing how to get the conch meat out of the shell


What in the heck is that thing?? Is that the conch meat?


Randall can’t wait to eat the raw conch meat. Delicious!


Thank you James, you did an awesome job at the helm. You are a natural!


Cranking in on the jib sheet


Randall’s Perch


Cranking in on the jib sheet


Taking the jib down as we come to anchor. Now have to fold it according to the Captain’s specifications then wrap it with the gasket. You guys did a super job!




We got to see an old Bahamian sailing skiff racing


Off to Hope Town for more adventure!


Captain Thomas giving our “Squirrel Man” Jared a few tips on typing knots. Thanks Jared!


Snorkeling at the Fish Cays for the last dive of this trip. Just have to come back again for more!!


They saw a big orange octapus. got 3 big Queen conch, and lots of really cool shells!


Our stupendous Scout Crew!


Boys being boys


We’re going to miss you Randell!


Zeke and Kiah were “life line and ladder crew” – a thankless job but we all thank them!


Crew Chief Cameron got our crew in ship shape order after the first day! Thank you Sir! Oh and please come back!


Kiah was our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient. What an absolute pleasure to have you on board. Congratulations!


Troop 26 – Arden, NC

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