Troop 349 – Falls Church, VA


A fun and happy crew that kicked it into gear and became a fine sailing crew very quickly! Because of several circumstances this was a smaller crew than we usually have on board. But they made a BIG impression. In no time at all these 7 Scouts were running the ship! They didn’t need any prompting by their leaders. They knew what was expected of them and they did the job! They were so impressive and such a joy to be around. This will be one of those weeks we will always remember. And we can only hope we will sail together again! The Captain and Admiral thank the crew from Troop 349!


A very happy crew and we are thrilled to have them on board!


You think she is happy to be in the Bahamas???


Time to snorkel






And they are off to explore what is under the ocean


Monday morning they had the whole island of Pelican cay all to themselves to explore!


What a cool spot


Hey – What’s up??


On the Sandy Cay Reef dive we saw 4 turtles


There one goes….


That is Sam


They became good at diving down pretty deep


A beautiful black grouper


A BIG sting ray just sitting still on the bottom



Good friends having a great time together


Is Melissa (aka Sandy) taking a nap?


Jump Noah


They had a blast jumping off the bow sprit again, and again, and again, and again…


Thanks to Dave and Noah we heard some good guitar strumming


Thank you Galley Crew – you left my galley spotless!


A knot typing lesson. You must know your clove hitch!


Melissa got it!


What is the Captain telling them now?


The two brothers hoisting the spannker throat halyard


Sam is hoisting the spannker peak halyard. Great job!


Jason is on the spannker sheet


Sweat it!!




Now it is time to coil and secure your halyard line


Joshua and Timothy stand by ready to hoist the mainsail peak halyard


Dave and Marcus hoisting the mainsail throat halyard. Tough Team!


Great job hoisting the peak halyard


Sweat it!


Andy on the mainsail sheet. Done to perfection


Good coil Joshua


Melissa, or is it Sandy?, did a superb job on the staysail sheet


Spannker Crew backwind to starboard!


Staysail ready to be hoisted


The best job at coiling and securing your halyard – Timothy!


Pulling in on the starboard jib sheet


Spannker Crew – don’t mess with them!


Mainsail Crew + Dave (where are you Dave?) – they cranked it out every time!


Sam at the helm with Ciganka under full sail


Mom with two of her son’s out sailing in the Bahamas. It doesn’t get much better than that!


But we do miss you Dad!


Ciganka loves this!


father and son hanging out at the helm. Miss you Mom!


Captain Thomas enjoying this sail too


What a ride ~


Oh yeah – this IS fun!


Noah is fishing but we want him catching!


Marcus has learned to tie the “special” clove hitch for the ladder. Proud of you!


They are just silly….


Lookin good Crew!


Off they go to climb the Hope Town lighthouse and visit the settlement. Have fun!


Hanging out with Dad this week was a blast!


What are they doing now?


They found their own naturally made hot tube!


They found their own naturally made hot tube!


What are you looking at?


Seriously – what is it?


Looks like Jason could get use to this


Thanks Sam – it was great having you on board Ciganka!



Somebody found a friend



Thanks Dave to all your contributions and laughs all week long!



Time to clean the conch Dave found


That is the conch meat and Dave’s shell


Doing the drift dive at the Tilloo Cut



Fire coral – Do NOT touch!


There goes Melissa



Big purple fans all over the place




Holden lighting the birthday candles for his big 17 year old brother! And proud mamma watches on.


Almost have all the candles lit


Happy Birthday to YOU Noah!


Our last dive of this trip on Fowle Cay Reef. It was another gorgeous snorkel.


Off go Andy and Jason with bread in hand to feed the fish


Holden and Marcus did a fantastic job being Lifeline and Ladder Crew. We teased them when they had to move the ladder it was like wrestling an alligator!


We can onlu hope that Andy and his son Timothy will come and sail with us again!


Dave did a super job as “Point Man”! And he loved his “perch”!


Noah wore several hats this week besides his birthday hat – He showed excellent leadership as “Crew Chief” and had some big responsibilities as “Squirrel Man”. You did yourself proud!


This one is for Mom


Cool Kid Holden


By the end of the week these Scouts ran the ship by themselves. It was so impressive to witness!


Troop 349 – Great Leaders and GREAT Scouts


Happy easy going Melissa – Thanks!


What an absolute pleasure Andy!


Scout Master Jason – it doesn’t get much better – Thank YOU!


Troop 349 with the Captain & Admiral


Congratulations to Joshua our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient. Well deserved – we are very proud of you!


Troop 349 – Falls Church, VA