Troop 59 – Allendale, NJ


They showed up in 3 different groups because of airline changes but finally everyone was on board Ciganka by 6:00 in the evening and we were off and had them splashing the warm salty Bahamian water. The weather this week was great because we had no rain at all but also had light winds most of the week. This resulted in our sailing times being few but incredible ocean reef dives were many. This crew gave us a gift of a waterproof camera so you can see what we saw in the photos. The Scout Master, Marc, also shared his land pictures and underwater pictures too. This will give you a little different perspective. We did take advantage of a nice breeze blowing the evening we all came back from Hope Town. So we hoisted full sail as the sun set and kept sailing until the full moon was high overhead. Thank you all for your gifts you brought us and the gifts you gave of yourselves throughout the week! A special thanks to Marc and Steve!


Looking sharp in their Class A’s on their trip heading to the Bahamas for a sailing adventure!


The last leg of the flight from Ft. Lauderdale to Marsh Harbour ended up with 3 separate groups on a small plane.


Eric was the lucky one who got to sit in the co-pilot seat!


The rest of this group is ready for take off!


It wasn’t long before the thrill was gone and Eric was fast asleep!


There is our boat for the week….Ciganka


Finally in the Bahamas doing our swim test off our ship


Our volunteer Galley Crew the first night. Thanks guys!


They were pooped out Sleep well!


Captain Thomas giving a knot tying lesson


We did get the sails up the first full day


Spannker Crew is hoisting their sail


The staysail crew getting instructions on how to work their sail


Eric coiling his mainsail throat halyard line after sailing the sail


Good job Eric!


We are now under full sail heading south


A little chill out time in the evening


They love playing Apples to Apples


Joe at the helm!


They look like they are actually listening to the Captain!


They look ready for their first snorkel!


Connor is ready!


What form!


Go Alex!


Nick is waiting for his snorkeling buddy


What do you see Steve??


YEAH Marc!


Off they go to snorkel Mermaid Reef


Matt is at the helm with Ciganka under full sail


Ian is hoping to catch a BIG one…


Now they are off to do the drift dive at Iron Cay


Load them up in the stretch limo dinghy!


Do you have your seat belts on??


Steve looks excited!


What a GREAT looking crew!


There they go…..


Have fun!


Captain Thomas instructing how to do the drift dive


Fall back like frogmen


A sea biscut


Good morning Crew – time to rise and shine!


Galley Crew is doing the deed!


Check it out – French toast, sausage, hot cinnamon apples, and cut up fresh oranges. We eat really really good on Ciganka!


We sailed south to Sandy Cay Reef. We jumped right of Ciganka while she was slowly moving. Pretty cool!


Just like this…


This is what we saw on this amazing reef




Lots of sting rays


Several turtles


A couple different types of sharks


Nice big Elkhorn coral


A scout….


Or a lot of Scouts!


Of course there were barracudas!


We saw several 8 ft. eagle rays. They are amazing to watch!


We love the blue tangs!


Parrot fish




Can you find the black grouper?


He finally saw us. There he goes.




As a gift this troop brought us an underwater camera. We never had one before. How thoughtful. So throughout the week I practiced using it underwater. Even got a picture of our anchor!


We snorkeled back to the boat which was anchored at the end of the reef.


Next up Pelican Cay


They could not wait to jump off the bow sprit


And jump


And jump


The swim to the beach


It did not take them long to find the beach babes!


Off to do some island exploring!


And snorkeling


Love that “do rag”!


Some hanging with my buddies


Some chicken fighting




Boy Scouts of Troop 59


Then they swam back to the boat to use the bow as a jungle gym and dive platform


They had a blast






We ate delicious food every day


Even cherry cobbler


With real whipped cream!


We ate well and we slept well!



We enjoyed Sandy Cay Reef so much we decided to do it again in the morning!


And once again it was amazing!



A huge sting ray half buried in the sand


You never get tired of seeing turtles


Or eagle rays


Or Boy Scouts!



Now off to Tahiti Beach


Looks like they found some beach babes again!


They are quite the Stud Muffins!


Ross chillin on the bow sprit


Edward and Alex playing the guitar


They were really good!


Jonathan holding an island


Tony trying his hand at fishing


Ryan at the helm. Where are we going??


Eric has had another great day!


We’ve all had another fantastic day!



Captain Thomas showing Jerad how to steer the coarse.


We got to celebrate Ryan’s birthday!


Happy 15th Birthday Ryan!


We have a birthday tradition on Ciganka


You get “creamed”!


Staysail Crew backwinding to port!


Marc taught himself how to play the guitar. Good on ya Marc!


Thanks Crew!


Sometimes these guys were just plain crazy!


Thank you Tony – You were always so very helpful with any task that needed to be done!


And Mom – they do a good job cleaning!


A bunch of Scaley Wags…..does anyone know what that is??


Off to snorkel their last dive of the week on Fowle Cay


As they got to the reef I heard Jared yell “That parrot fish is HUGE!”


Thank you Steve and Tony so very much. You are welcome aboard any time!


Thank you CREW – Captain LOVES his inspection tool you gave him. We will think of you all every time he uses it!


This crew had so many great group photos it was hard to pick which one to use as the crew photo??


Nick was out “Point Man” and did a fantastic job! We only wished we could have sailed more so he got more times to practice. Maybe you can come back again Nick?


Jared and Connor were our “Lifeline and Ladder Crew” this week. It is a bit of a thankless job but they did themselves proud! Thanks you two!


Gianni our “Squirrel Man” watches as the Captain shows him his duties. He became a great “Squirrel Man” throughout the week. Yeah Gianni! (Love that name)


Eric we sure enjoyed having the youngest son of the family on board! Eric we are sure you know what a special man your father is. We are blessed he is in our lives. Love you Marc!


Aren’t these Ciganka shirts amazing? Oh yeah, and the guys in them too!


Congratulations to Gianni our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient. What a pleasure!


Troop 59 – Allendale, PA

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