Troop 59 – Allendale, NJ


This is the third time Troop 59 has been aboard Ciganka for a week of high adventure and sailing. They were true to form in making the most of their week and getting really skilled in sailing this ship! We did not use the engine at all going to and from anchor. The pictures capture the great snorkeling, beaching, eating, playing, and sailing enjoyed by this fun Troop. Thanks again to our beloved Scout Master Marc Dworkin! Also want to thank Marc for sharing his amazing pictures and videos he took this week. Enjoy ~


It all began at 3:00 in the morning to board a plane at 6:00 heading to the Bahamas!


A little sleepy huh?


Finally in the Bahamas – Now will they let us in??


YES – Aboard Ciganka and out of our Class A’s


Our first snorkel at the Low Spot in Man-O-War


Do you guys know what you are doing?


And away they go!


Are you having fun yet?



They found a small conch. It is imature so we can’t keep it. Beautiful picture!


What did you find?


Captain Thomas is giving a knot tying lesson


Yes Mom – they DO dishes!!


Lots of great guitar strumming was done this week. We love that!



What a crew!!


Off to snorkel Fowle Cay


This one is for Mom!



Underwater at Fowle Cay


Our first sailing lesson


Spannker Crew backing to starboard!



The Castle House


Alex enjoyed his time at the helm with Ciganka under full sail


Someone couldn’t wake up this morning


Galley Crew cranking out the pancakes



We started our day with pancakes and peaches with whipped cream, sausage, fresh oranges and orange juice. Thanks Galley Crew!



Now off to do the drift dive at Iron Cay


Have FUN!


Gear up


This is a dive where the current takes you flying like Superman. It is such a blast!


See the spotted eel?


Nassau Grouper




There’s a lobster


They had a great time


Back to Ciganka


We LOVE jumping off the bow sprit


Then climbing back up


And jumping off again…


And climbing back up


You get the picture…


We had a super snorkel following the island’s edge right where we were anchored.



Too many lionfish though. It is a problem here in the Bahamas.


Isn’t the Trigger Fish beautiful?


The Lionfish is beautiful too but they eat all the bay fish and lobster and have no real preditor here…..not good!


Thanks Marc for everything you always do!


The “Admiral” found two mature queen conch so now Captain Thomas will show how to clean them and the crew gets a taste!


FUN in the evening!


Michael always helping with getting things done!


Captain Thomas showing how to clean the conch


Believe it or not – this is what is inside that shell


Now is the taste test. What does it taste like??


Time to raise sails again. Spannker up!


This is our amazing Spannker Crew! YEAH!


Main sail throat halyard crew hoisting sail. Tough Stuff!


Main sail peek halyard cranking it up!


Jarret is taking care of the down haul line. Good job!


Sweating off the throat halyard. This is not easy but they did it!


Cleating off the halyard – GREAT job Sean!


Team work in hoistisng the staysail!


Backwinding the staysail to turn the ship on the tack needed


Jib halyard crew getting their sail up!


Cleating off their halyard line. They did such a super job!


Ready for the BIG dive on Sandy Cay Reef




Chris pulling in on the starboard jib sheet with Michael ready to crank it in


Crank it in!



Exploring Sandy Cay Reef





He is touching a turtle!!!







Such a great bunch of guys. Thanks for an awesome week!


They got some fishing in – but no catching


A wonderful father and son team. Thanks Sean and Dan!


Dillon said he really enjoyed steer Ciganka under full sail. And we really enjoyed having Dillon on board!


Great having you on board Rich. Thank you!


They had the whole island and beach to themselves!


I don’t know what they were doing?


Thanks Mike for all your energy and help. You did such a great job coaching the staysail and jib crew!


And thank you Dan for all you calm and happy attitude and guidance with the Scouts!


Dan was our “Point Man” and did such a fantastic job. We are very proud of YOU!


Nick was “Squirrel Man” and had to learn to tie several different knots. His brother had the same position on Ciganka 2 years ago. SUPER Job Nick!


We say that the “Lifeline and Ladder” Crew have a thankless job…..but very important to all of us! So the whole crew thanks Robert and Dillon for doing such a spectacular job for us!


We could not have asked for a better bunch of leaders on board! Thanks you all for your mellow yet supportive attitude all week long! Absolutely a JOY to have you all on board!


Thank you to our guitar strumming Andrew who was Crew Chief. You showed leadership in getting the crew organized and ready as the Captain and Admiral requested. HUGE help!


Such a kind and generous father and son duo. You are both welcome back on Ciganka any time!!


Thank you Marc. You are a gift to all of us!


Congratulations to Michael – Our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient. Our silent leader!


Scouts of Troop 59


Troop 59 – Allendale, NJ