Troop 59 on board Ciganka for the 5th High Adventure Sailing Trip!

Troop 59 arrived on timed ready to make the most of their week on Ciganka in the Bahamas.  As of now it looks like we have Saturday afternoon and Sunday before it gets pretty windy for the rest of the week.  So we took advantage of the light air and did an ocean reef dive on Sandy Cay Reef and then over to the beach on Pelican Cay because we will not be able to do this once the wind starts blowing.  Sandy Cay reef is the best reef in this part of the Abacos so we are thrilled the crew got to snorkel it today.  They had a blast on the beach of Pelican Cay and now they are snorkeling, or hiking, or fishing, or chilling as we are anchored off of Linyard Cay for the evening.  I have a feeling Troop 59 is going to sleep really well tonight ~

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