Troop 7 – Albert Lea, MN


Due to an airline cancelling their last flight to Marsh Harbour on Saturday, they got in on Sunday at noon. But the minute they got on board we ran hard all week long. This was a very diversified troop that each Scout had their own talents and gifts. And when you put it all together is was like a positive explosion of dynamite! These guys wanted to do a great job and worked hard to make everything they did the best! If they didn’t do it right they asked questions and then practiced so the next time up they got it done correctly. For Thomas and I, it was such a thrill to watch and be a part of. We extend such a heartfelt thank you to each person of this crew who added their own special gifts, talents, humor, leadership, and helpfulness that made this a week we will always remember!


This crew got in one day late due to a flight cancellation but we kicked it into “high gear” as soon as they got on board and had our first snorkel!


We were at the Low Spot on Man-O-War Cay


For many of them this was thier first snorkel


They did great!


This spot also offered them an incredible ocean side beach to body surf on


Welcome back Doug!!


Spencer found a beautiful starfish. We put him back on the ocean floor because it is still alive.


No time wasted – Captain Thomas give a knot tying lesson


After some snorkeling challenges due to a mustache that makes your snorkel mask leak


Bob shaved off his mustache!! Good on ya!


Matt was fist on the helm and did a super job steering the boat for abaoaut 2 hours!


This is “our” Casey – well he is not really ours but he has our boat tattooed on his chest!!


This is Casey’s third trip on board Ciganka. He got this tattoo after he got home from his second time with us. We love it and we love him!!


Who is that??


Oh it is Sean!!


Spanker Crew getting ready to hoist sail for the first time


Captain is giving them instructions


And there they go – heave ho!


Captain is teaching Zach and Sean how to sweat off thier halyard


What a good looking main sail crew!!


Now up goes the main sail with the “brothers team” Casey and Zach hoisting the main sail throat halyard!


Scott and Eric are doing a great job hoisting the main sail peak halyard



Sweating off the main sail halyard!


Doug is taking care of the main sheet


Staysail and jib Crew – Tough Stuff!


Up goes the staysail


While that sail is going up the Captain calls for the Spanker Crew to backwind to starboard


Matt and Bob hoisting the jib!


Main sail crew – sheet it in – we are sailing hard into the wind!


These guys are excited to do the drift dive at Iron Cay


Matt sure enjoys riding the bow sprit under full sail!


At the end of the day the crew gets to jump off the bow sprit. Go Casey!!


YEAH Zach!


Matt is not too sure about this….but he did it!


What a picture I got of Ben – too cool!


ZachR coiling his halyard line – ya doin’ good!


Getting our sails hoisted again



Ben is in charge of the mainsail down haul line. It may not look like an important job but let me tell you – it definitely is!


Doug making off the mainsail sheet


Doug and 2 of his boys working the mainsail sheet – that is just the best!


Sean looking like quite the pirate at the helm – Arrrrrrrrrrrgggggg!


Yeah Troop 7!!


Zach was in charge of the port jib sheet


Nick was on the staysail sheet and helped “tackeling and tying” the jib sheet when we took the sail down


Backwinding the staysail to help turn the ship on a port tack


Ben took care of pulling in and setting the starboard jib sheet!


Sweating off the staysail


Crank it in Zach!


What team work as they fold up the jib!


OK – Is everybody ready for the Sandy Cay dive??


Check out this amazing crystal clear blue water!


To get to this reef the crew jumps off the boat and swims to the reef.








We saw turtles, lots of sting rays, eel, big groupers and snappers, barracudas, trumpet fish, blue tangs, various parrot fish, all kinds of reef fish and 7 huge eagle rays swimming together!


Ask Casey, Zach and Matt about the eagle rays comming right at them….


More sailing…


More sweating….


more FUN!


See Phil in the middle of the coil? I guess he comes on a lot of these adventures. I think he had a good time!


Hanging out with my Dad this week was THE BEST!!


We were so glad the Lind’s were back on board again. Although we did miss Mom and Chris!


Thanks Steve and Tate – It was a blast having you both on board!


Bob and Spencer aka “Flash” really enjoyed their father/son time together!


Our “Lifeline and Ladder” crew — Matt and Spencer did a fantastic job! Good on ya guys!


Like I said, I had a really great time with my Dad!


Right Dad??


Thanks Dad!


Awesome having you on board Sean! Keep in touch!!


Sean working hard as “Point Man”! YES!


This one is for Mom!


And this one is for your girlfriend!


Off to Hope Town to see the sights!


Have FUN!


Troop 7 – Albert Lea, MN


Good morning to the Ciganka Crew – ssshhhh they are still sleeping


The sun is coming up


A new day of adventure awaits you


Is anyone listening??


Our friend, Gabrielle, came on board in the morning to do photos of us with our crew on Ciganka. It is for a photo class at the University she attends.


They got the crew raising the sails then got in the dinghy to get photos of us under full sail


The crew wanted to make sure they got the mascot “Phil” in the pictures!


Then Gabrielle enjoyed hanging with the crew while Captain Thomas showed them how to clean a conch. I think the guys enjoyed having her on board!


This is where you pound a whole in the shell to detach the meat from its shell


This is what the conch looks like


Zach got to eat the “conch noodle”. It tastes like a salty gummy bear.


And Nick really enjoyed the conch meat. Yummy!


Sean was our “Squirrel Man” and the Captain said he was the best one we ever had! That is saying something!! Congrats Sean!


This trip was Steve’s 50th birthday present from his wife. He got to spend a week with his son aboard a sailing ship in the Bahamas….priceless!!


Tate was also our “Crew Chief”. Another job well done!


Thank you Doug, Casey and Zach – hhaving you all on board is like family finally coming home! With LOVE!


Congratulations to Matt, our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient! You did such a fantastic job all week on everything!