Tropical Storm Arthur forming over us…..

After a rainy night we woke up to dark clouds around us.  We decided to just put up the staysail and make our way to Hope Town where the crew could spend the afternoon dodging rain squalls while exploring this quaint Bahamian town.  When the rain hit again we were all snug as a bug inside the pilothouse!  Love our pilothouse!!

Troop 236 - KY 052 Troop 236 - KY 060 Troop 236 - KY 066 Troop 236 - KY 064

Troop 236 - KY 054 Troop 236 - KY 062

Troop 236 - KY 076 Troop 236 - KY 072

Troop 236 - KY 071 Troop 236 - KY 078

The crew is happy & safe as you can tell.  Right now the max winds we are getting is about 25 to 30 knots with rain.  The storm will slowly move north and we hope to have a much clearer day tomorrow.  But nothing slows us down from keeping this adventure going!!

Troop 236 - KY 058

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