Tropical Storm Erika

All is great with us and Ciganka in the Dominican Republic. The storm was a bit of a disappointment for us with not getting much rain at all. This country has been in a 2 1/2 year drought and it is getting to the critical point. So everyone was hoping and praying Erika would give us the much much needed rain. But we only got a few sprinkles. The wind was about 30 to 35 knots so it did blow a bit but nothing serious. So all is good!
Thomas saved the day when a big fishing boat came in the harbor towing another big fishing boat and just about smashed into two of our good friends sailboats.  He got in our dinghy and fended them off.  I got on the radio asking for more help so other people showed up in their dinghy’s to help.  It was a serious situation but Thomas’ quick response and smart mind prevented a really bad catastrophe from happening.

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