Venturing Crew 1853


Most of the week we had Tropical Storm Debbie churning nearby influencing our weather. But that did not make us miss a moment of adventure. This crew took to sailing very quickly which is a good thing because our second sail was in 20 to 25 knots under full sail tacking into the wind. Oh and that was after we sailed ourselves backward to get out of a tight anchorage with 2 other boats nearby. When the Captain gave an order they would hop to it immediately and get it done right! We were very impressed and are very proud! We also snorkeled in a different location every day making our dives increasing more challenging. We topped it off at the Sandy Cay Reef which our adult leader,an experienced diver, put it as a world class reef. We agree! Thank you to each crew member and we look forward to having you back on board in 2015!!


Graham was really good blowing the conch horn and being able to make several different tones. Our best yet…


There goes Allison for her first snorkel of the week. Great form!


Off they go to enjoy Mermaid Reef


There go our husband and wife team to enjoy this amazing place together!


Andy is chillin at the helm with Ciganka under full sail


Here is our staysail crew pulling in the sheet together. What good teamwork!


Oh yeah – Charlotte sure enjoyed that cherry cobbler!


Galley Crew sweating a bit as they make delicious pancakes!


Getting ready to snorkel again


Ok Henry – goooooooooooooo!


These guys have pancakes to feed the fish on Fowle Cay Reef


Good buddies snorkeling together


Good buddies snorkeling together


Kirk has his pancakes too


Mainsail crew coiling their halyard lines


Look what a super job Dillon did on coiling his staysail halyard line!! Perfection!


Leslie enjoying a fast ride on the bow sprit as Ciganka sails along at about 9 knots under full sail!


What a ride!


Kirk was so good at keeping Ciganka pointing as close to the wind as possible without loosing her momentum. That is not easy!


Mom and Daughter enjoying the bow sprit together as we fly!


Captain Thomas is explaining to Amanda how to steer Ciganka close to the wind


This picture is for Mom who is not here– her beautiful daughter and son enjoying this adventure together!! It doesn’t get any better than this!


These guys hung out on the bow sprit for about 3 hours as we tacked and sailed Ciganka from Fowle Cay to the south end of Elbow Cay.


It was a fast fun sail!


Mom is chillin


Jib crew doing a fantastic job folding and tying up the jib



Good Morning! We are starting our day with another fun snorkel


Some of the crew saw a 6 ft. nurse shark. Very cool!


Crew list for ship’s duty schedule


Happy Birthday to the twin brothers, Dillon and Kevin, who turned 15 today!!


So nice!



Each crew member has to show the Captain that they can tie a clove hitch


Amanda got it


Hi Nina!!


You are silly!


They are watching the Captain teach them how to tie a trucker’s hitch. They look like they are really paying attention??!


Hi Graham – You look good in your Ciganka hat!


Ok Will – You look good in it too!


Venturing Crew 1853


See you later


Have fun exploring Hope Town!


Plum tuckered out!


Hey Crew – where ya goin??


Off to do the drift dive at Iron Cay!


A great spot for your hammock!


Thanks Will for bailing the dinghy. It was pretty full of water from the rain last night!


Yes, we had dolphins playing at our bow!


What a thrill to watch!


All lines up to jump off the boat like paratroopers


They are ready to go!


Snorkeling the amazing Sandy Cay Reef! Spectacular!


Dillon at the helm


Our rough and tough Spanker Crew. Backwind to starboard!


And don’t mess with the Mainsail Crew! GREAT job!


Matt and Jay sweating off the mainsail throat halyard!


Greg and Jacob raising the mainsail throat halyard. Super!


It was great having Kirk, our former Navy Man, work the mainsail sheet.


And we love our staysail and jib crew! Thanks!


Just beautiful


We were very blessed to have the whole family on board. Hope we can do it again!


Yikes, we got boarded by pirates


This one scared me!


Thank you John and Graham – our Lifeline and Ladder Crew!


Great job Andy our “Squirrel Man” – Ya got the knots and did yourself proud!


Only the best from Allison our “Point Woman”!


A HUGE thank you to Kirk and Leslie the amazing husband and wife team. Thank you for everything you always do! See you soon…


Our closing ceremony Thursday evening


Congratulations to Allison and Matt our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipients. Thank you for all your incredible efforts this week. Very Proud!


Venturing Crew 1853 – Springfield, VA