Welcome aboard Troop 62!

This crew arrived right on time.  After we got them settled on Ciganka we motored over to Mermaid Reef for their first snorkel.  They saw a lot of different fish, a sting ray, eel, and a lion fish.  Had a delicious meal of roast beef and gravy, roasted potatoes and veggies, bread and butter and a chocolate cake.  The Captain taught them the knot to hang their hammocks and several Scouts got all cozy and comfy in them.  Welcome aboard!!
Troop 62 IL 010 Troop 62 IL 011 Troop 62 IL 015 Troop 62 IL 012 Troop 62 IL 013 Troop 62 IL 016 Troop 62 IL 019 Troop 62 IL 020

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