WI & KY Crew


What can you say about a trip that started out as “guests’” aboard our ship for the week but then ended up feeling like family?! It was GREAT! The crew was all related as we had two bothers and their sister with their spouses and cousins. Family time together is priceless! We had good weather with nice breezes every day which made for nice sailing every day. We got in quite a few nice snorkels seeing all kinds of sea life. We ate like kings and queens, enjoyed an afternoon siesta, and laughed together a lot! We thank each of you and are looking forward to the next reunion on Ciganka.


WI & KY Crew


Two good buddies hanging out on a sailboat in the Bahamas together. Ain’t that sweet!?


Beleive it or not there is “someone” sleeping in there….who is it?


Toni loves her hammock on deck. Ssshhhhhh she is taking a nap!


Toni loves her hammock on deck. Ssshhhhhh she is taking a nap!


Off the enjoy the “low spot” on Man-O-War Cay


It is such a beautiful spot. You have the Sea of Abaco on one side of the coral rock and the Atlantic ocean on the other!


Dobb taking his turm at the helm with Ciganka under full sail


This is one of the neat things about this trip – it was the whole family of 2 brothers and their sister – together for the week. Love family time!


Mike sure tried to catch us some fish


Now where are you guys going?


Uh Oh – off th “Nippers” on Guana Cay


Uh Oh – off th “Nippers” on Guana Cay


Oh what a wonderful cute couple – George and Holly!!


The guys are working hard raising the mainsail


Oh yeah – it is a lot of work


And they are doing a great job!


And the girls are helping…cheer them on!


Geroge was so helpful and happy when he was working the sails making Ciganka go!


What a beauty


Pirate Bill at the helm


I think Dobb was having a Titanic moment


I think Dobb was having a Titanic moment


Off to enjoy Hope Town for the afternoon


Happy Holly at the helm


Awe – look at those two little love birds ~


Time to snorkel


There goes Norma!


They brought the coolest floating chairs


They brought the coolest floating chairs


Life IS good!


Now off to explore Tilloo Beach


Our Wonderful sweet Kentucky couple – Mike & Barb!


They found some treasures


Miss you already Toni!


It was such a pleasure having you two on board. We can only hope you come back. Thank you Sheri & Dobb!


The beautiful ladies of the Ciganka


Oh Boy – Now there is trouble!!


You had to be there….


Yo ho ho and a bottle of rum


George just loves this sailing


Our amazing Crew with their Ciganka High Adventure Sailing hats and patches!




Thank you two special people in our lives – Bill & Toni!


WI & KY Crew