Palm City, FL Troop 840 & Prosper, TX Troop 289


Troop 840 from Palm City, FL and Troop 289 from Prosper, TX had sailed with us in 2008 on separate weeks with their troops of 18 people. I got a request from the Scout Masters of each troop saying they wanted to sail with us again for the summer of 2011 but they did not have enough people to make the 15 person minimum for booking the ship. So what we did is combine these two troops on the same week. It could not have been a better match! And to show how small the world is, the two Scout Leaders of each Troop grew up very close to each other in Miami, FL. They knew several of the same people from their childhood. This crew was into sailing and the water. If we were not sailing they were in the water hunting! And what great hunters they were. You can see what I mean from the website pictures We were so proud how they worked together so quickly as a crew and ran the ship with first rate performance. They should be proud of all their accomplishments this week. We sure are! Seems like there will be lasting friendships made this week and maybe this crew will sail together again on Ciganka! We sure hope so. Thank you all!


The moment we were moving these guys had their fishing poles in the water.


They were very patient fishermen


They just knew the big strike was only moments away!


Chandler was fist up on the helm


Having fun riding on the bow sprit


Off they go for the first snorkel. Go Phil!


Followed by his yonger brother Louis


And his Mom and Dad!


There goes Dr. Jim. What form!!


Eric came back with a big beautiful mature Queen Conch


Several of the crew also got conch!


This is what the conch meat looks like. They are hoping Admiral Linda will make her famous conch fritters


Don’t even ask…….


John ready on the port jib sheet


Wyatt ready on the starboard jib sheet


Dr. Jim is enjoying the ride


Father and son enjoying hanging out together this week!


John always determined to do his BEST!


Cole has the release of his jib sheet down!


Crank it in Ryan!


No leftovers aboard this ship. Thank you Charlie!


Off to explore Pelican Cay


They had the whole island to themselves


Too cool!


I hope you are wearing shoes!


Mom and two of her sons!


Off to do the drift dive at Iron Cay and hopefully get some lobster.


Today, August 1st, is the first day of lobster season in the Bahamas


Did you get any lobster??


It is only Monday afternoon and they are a little tuckered out.


A little nap and they will be back in action


Are you comfortable Matt??


Spanker Crew up with your sail!


Chandler was on the spanker peak halyard


Greg and Charlie sweating off their halyard


Make it off


Mitch took care of the Spanker sheet. Good job!


Eric is on the mainsail sheet


Sharon was in charge of the mainsail peak down haul. Ya did great girl!


Jeff and Phil pulling up the mainsail throat halyard


Ryan and Davis heaving on the mainsail peak halyard


Tough stuff!


Husband and wife team!


Sweating off the mainsail throat halyard. You guys are seriously good!


Peak it up!


Ready to hoist the staysail


Spanker Crew backwind to port




Louis and Dr.Jim pulling up the jib


Sweating off the jib halyard


Loius pulling in on the staysail sheet. You are such a great crewmate! You are welcome aboard our ship any time!


Sharon takes the helm with Ciganka under full sail and a steady breeze blowing


Davis being Davis!


As we practiced tacking John was determined to get the releasing of the jib sheet down to a fine smooth style!


And Wyatt was spot on pulling in the starboard jib sheet


Captain Thomas is bringing the crew in to have some fun on Tilloo Beach


And again they have this whole piece of paradise to themselves.


Ya gotta love that!


And yes Admiral Linda made a big batch of her delicious conch fritter and a delicious dipping sauce. The crowd went WILD!


We also had a birthday celebration. Happy Birthday Sharon!!


Love both of you!


Ryan is trying his skills at blowing the conch horn


Some were better……


…….than others!


Matt gave it a good try


Hold your ears… goes Cole!


Love this shot


Happy happy Crew!


See what I mean?? No leftovers!


Hey Mitch. What a pleasure having you on board!


Ryan doing a beautiful job coiling is halyard line!


Jeff, ya done did good too!


Thanks Eric!


Spanker Crew backwinding to starboard!!


Patient fishermen


“Squirrel Man” Charlie


Ok, day two of lobster season. We got 5 tails yesterday. Now they are on “the hunt” for MORE!


Everyone worked as a team fanning out to scour the area


We stopped at 5 different spots. And they all jumped in for the “hunt”!


Charlie who has know how to spear fish brought in a lot of our catch. He got several lobsters and this nice nassau grouper. Thanks Charlie!!


Dr. Jim also had a blast contributing to our meal with lobster and this yummy hogfish!


Before our surf n’ turf meal the crew got to enjoy the beaches at the Low Spot on Man-O-War



Ready for the grill is our New York strip steak, lobster tails, grouper, and hogfish!


These guys can’t wait to eat!


Grilled lobster tails…..


Grilled lobster tails…..


……with butter of course!


Charlie is happy.


Louis is happy.


Eric is real happy.


Everything was scrumptious!


And then we saw this


Water spout – Water spout!


Not far in the distance we watched a very defined water spout form.


It was cool to watch this


It dissipated quickly


Then this incredible cloud gave us a impressive lightening show


In the morning Captain Thomas gives a knot tying lesson


The crew has to tie a bowline


Davis got it!


Mitch got it. They all did it correctly!


Have FUN in Hope Town!


Patient fishermen!!


These two were quite the duo!


Greg smiles like this all the time. It is so nice!


We had some wonderful father/son teams. Cole and Mitch are definitely one of them. Thank you!


And thank you to “almost” all of the Manto family. Please some back sometime soon. I loved having you on board Sharon!!


Charlie tying his knot for the sun tarp. Ya did good Mon’


You guys look handsome in your “Ciganka High Adventure Sailing” hats!


Hanging out with my Dad all week was fantastic. Thanks Jeff and Chandler!


Eric – You look right at home!


What a kind, nice, fun father and son team! Thank you Dr. Jim and Greg! The pleasure has been all ours!


Matt was our “Point Man” for the week. He became quite skilled in his tasks! You did super Matt. We are proud of you!




“Lifeline and Ladder Crew” Stellar job Ryan and Mitch!


Always a treat having you on board John. Thanks again!


Palm City, FL Troop 840


Prosper, TX Troop 289


Palm City, FL Troop 840 & Prosper, TX Troop 289


One more amazing snorkel on Fowle Cay an incredible ocean side reef!!


The reef was right off the stern of our boat. Then they snorkeled out to the long barrier reef which runs for miles.


Eric did it up by making a hot scrumptious conch salad for lunch! Thank you Chef Eric!


I am so sorry you cannot taste this!!


Dr. Jim bought a Key Lime Pie from Vernon’s Grocery in Hope Town to share with the crew.


Thank you – Our wonderful sweet leaders Jim and Eric!


Congratulations to Ryan of Troop 840 and Louis of Troop 289 for being the recipients of the “Conch Award of Excellence” this week. You both are amazing energetic young men. Keep doing what you are doing and you will go far in life!

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