Yoga & Sailing Retreat

Ragged Islands
A unique yoga getaway unlike none other!  You will be sailing and living in the Bahamas aboard Ciganka, a 78 ft. steel sailing ship, complete with your own private yoga instructor, chef, and Captain on board.

Yoga & Sailing Week 058We will begin each day with a yoga practice offering a variety of instruction catering to the group’s wants and needs.  Where we practice will vary.  On several different islands we have access to practice on some large porches overlooking the ocean or the beautiful Sea of Abaco.  And we can practice on a secluded beach then dive into the turquoise water all hot and sweaty from a great yoga workout. That feels so good!  Weather permitting we will have a SUP yoga practice.  And the large spacious deck of Ciganka offers a fantastic outdoor studio.

In every location you will be surrounded by the beauty, grace, nature and solitude of the Abacos, Bahamas!

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Ciganka under full sail with logoAfter our morning practice the day will lend itself to sailing, snorkeling, beaching, island exploring, chillin’ in the hammock, sunbathing, and soaking up this paradise.  We will work together as a crew to get Ciganka under full sail and then enjoy the ride this amazing ship has to offer.  In crystal clear water you will be snorkeling some of the best reefs in the world with all the sea life and coral tapestry at your fingertips.  The powder white sandy beaches are all yours to walk, go shelling, or just sit by the water’s edge and “veg”!  There are also several quaint island settlements for you to visit, shop and enjoy your beverage of choice like a Bahama Mamma or a local cold Kalik beer.  We also have fishing gear on board to hopefully catch some fish by trolling while under sail.

Yoga & Sailing Week 028



Through 40 years as a charter captain, Captain Thomas knows how to give you the very best day possible each and every day.




It's Your Time


In the late afternoon or in the evening after dinner, we’d like to get in a quiet yoga practice, meditation, or whatever the groups wants to close the day.



Our yoga guest, Lane's, birthday!
Our yoga guest, Lane’s, birthday!


We believe delicious food is an important part of your experience on board.  Your private chef, Linda, looks forward to make you fresh, delicious and healthy (most of the time) meals throughout the week.  Our evening meals are Ahi Tuna steaks, grilled Mahi Mahi, NY strip steak, lobster, and some kind of chicken dish depending on the mood of the chef.  A fresh dessert will finish these outstanding meals.

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