Troop 235 – Hampstead, NC


This was our second time with Troop 235 from Hampstead, NC. But the first time was 7 years ago. It was about time you all came back! What a week we had! The weather gave us wonderful wind for 5 of the 6 days and this crew became a sailing machine to be reckoned with! Sometimes a crew does not know how good they are because they don’t know how good they are. Does that make sense? We are very proud of the efforts and energy they put into sailing and running this ship every day! You did yourselves proud! We also got in some of the best snorkeling this area has to offer. We even did the Sandy Cay Reef snorkel twice on 2 different mornings because the crew enjoyed it so much. Ask them about it! The Captain and Admiral thoroughly enjoyed our week together. A heartfelt thank you to each of YOU!


Breakfast Crew Sunday morning fixing a lot of French toast!


Jonathan was fist at the helm after the crew sailed all the sails for the first time


Chad was our guy that always found the “critters”


He found this in s shell by the water’s edge. It is some kind of star fish. I’ll have to ask him the name…


“The Crew” ready to explore Tilloo Beach at a full moon equinox low tide!


What will we find?


You’ll see….


Do you see it?


A baby nurse shark!


A very relaxed adult leader


Brandi found a large hermit crab that was not happy she picked him up!


Greg found a small spotten moray eel. He was a little camera shy.


A stunning helmet conch that was alive so we put it back


Off to do the amazing drift dive at Iron Cay. They will have to tell you everything they saw. They were snorkeling for 2 1/2 hours!


Time to explore Pelican Cay


Hi Mom and Dad!!


Ready to snorkel Sandy Cay Reef for the first time


And we are off…


Right away we see 2 big magnificent eagle rays!


Diving deep and checking it out


Yes, that is a 5 to 6 ft. reef shark. He really was not interesting in hanging out with Troop 235!


This turtle was not fazed by us at all. He even let Sam pet him!


Ya got to love this!


The back of an eagle ray. Beautiful markings!


Folding up our sun tarp to get ready for another sail


Austin is on the spannker sheet. He is getting his lines tied and sail readu to go up


Spannker up!


Sam is hoisting the spannker peak halyard


This is the tough part of the job – sweating off the spannker throat halyard. GREAT job!


Now up with the mainsail. Michael and Adam are hoisting the mainsail throat halyard.


Look at them goooooooooo


Sweat it off!


Dylan and Jarek hoisting the mainsail peak halyard. Yeah!


Lee took care of the mainsail sheet


Coiling their halyard lines


Spannker Crew backwind to port. Tough Stuff!


This crew got really slick at tacking Ciganka under full sail


Sam and Michael worked the starboard jib sheet. Sam pulled it in…


And Michael cranked


Jonathan and Chad worked the port jib sheet


Chad became an expert at releasing the sheet!!


Father and son having such a great time together!


The water really is this blue. Seriously!


Come and check it out for yourself. We’d love to have YOU on board!


Bryan and his son Dylan – great having you on board!


Everything in it’s proper place on Ciganka


Hey Zach – what’s up??


Matt and Collin flew from their new home in Texas to be with their “old” North Carolina troop.


The Piver family “boys” kept us laughing all week!


This one is for Mom


We are sailing our way to Linyard Cay


Such a pleasure having Brandi and Jonathan on board!


Some of the awesome Scouts! Don’t worry Sam is happy. He just doesn’t smile very much!


Chillin out on another piece of paradise!




The ocean side of the island…..


And the bay side of the island


Of course Chad finds a critter


It is a baby octapus


Too cool!


Is anyone thinking “gorgeous” right now??




Mother and Son hanging together in the Bahamas….priceless!


The Big Bad Bros


Hanging with my buddies


Thanks Captain Thomas


Sam turns 15! Happy Birthday to you Sam!


He blew out all is candles!


This is our second dive on Sandy Cay Reef


I am learning to use my underwater camera. See the Nassau grouper?


A beautiful parrot fish




A mama and baby sting ray


This one is for Dad!


Spending time with my Dad like this is the BEST!


Jonathan became so good at coiling his halyard I just had to take a picture. Perfect!


Off to spend the afternoon exploring Hope Town on Elbow Cay


And they get to climb to the top of the lighthouse and walk on the outside. Incredible view from up there. Have fun!


Lee with his boys. Thanks you guys!


The Crew was up and at ’em hoisting sail before they even ate breakfast. Greg and Jonathan are hoisting the staysail. Team work!


Great team work and lots of laughs too!


The crew had to backwind the staysail to get the bow around. We have very light winds this morning.


Now we get the jib ready to go up


Bryan and Matt hoisting the jib halyard


Matt making his line on the belaying pin


Yea Matt – you got it right!


Brandi did a superb job working the staysail sheet. Good on ya!


We’re getting close to our snorkel spot so time for the jib to come down. Everyone out on the bow sprit to fold up that big sail.


Good job!


You guys are AWESOME!


Time for the last snorkel of the week. Dive….


Off to Fowle Cay Reef to feed the fish some bread


This crew became very skilled at diving and snorkeling. We had incredible snorkels all week!


Such a fun, silly, easy going crew!


Thanks Greg – a real pleasure having you on board!


So glad you came back for “round 2” with us!


The Scout Crew


Zach did a fantastic job as “Squirrel Man”! You got your knots!!


Collin was our “Point Man” with a lot of jobs that he handled extremely well!


And “Crew Chief” Jarek, in his quiet manner, got this crew into shape on the first day!


And the thankless job of “Lifeline and Ladder Crew” was Michael and Jonathan. The whole crew appreciates what you did all week!


We do thank you!


The “Admiral” is so happy when she has another “girl” on board. Brandi you were such a joy to have on board!


Thank you very much Lee for all your hard work and efforts in making this trip happen with us on Ciganka!


Troop 235 – Hampstead, NC


Congratulations to Jonathan our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient. We are very proud of you Jonathan!