A Scout is, “Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful……” on my honor, a week on Ciganka is the best Scout trip EVER.  Troop 59 from Allendale, NJ is now planning our 4th trip to Ciganka!  The sailing, the snorkeling, the beaching and exploring are tremendous….but the real attraction are the Captain and the Admiral.  As a Scout Leader and Dad, I applaud the life example Thomas and Linda display.  Where else can you find two people who made their dream into a reality, share it generously with our youth, and inspire them to challenge themselves and pursue their dreams.  Thomas and Linda truly make a positive impact on our Scouts…..Not a Troop Meeting or a Campout pass without a Scout or Dad referring to a skill the Captain taught them, some encouragement Linda offered, or an experience they had on Ciganka.  Set sail on Ciganka with the Captain and the Admiral……..

Marc Dworkin, former Scoutmaster, Troop 59, Allendale, NJ

Venturing Crew adult leader Dennis G from Kansas :
“Our Venturing crew has sailed aboard Ciganka twice and my family will be taking a private charter this summer. Thomas and Linda are exceptional hosts. They are genuinely devoted to ensuring their passengers en- joy every minute of their time aboard. Moreover, passengers aren’t just treated like family, but to Thomas and Linda their passengers ARE family. You have to experience a week with them to fully understand the magic, but I promise afterwards you will have two new lifelong friends.”

Caitlyn from Venture Crew 188 in New Jersey
“My week with Captain Thomas & Linda and my crew taught me more then I thought. I learned that hard work becomes easier with help and not being scared to ask for help. They took us to the most beautiful spots I have ever been too. The gorgeous beaches, to the friendly town, and the most magnificent sunsets you will ever see. From being there and experiencing it in a truly amazing way, made me realize that I need to take a step back once in awhile to realize how beautiful the world is. Captain Thomas & Linda are so full of life, amazingly kind, and funny. They make this trip so much better. Oh, and their food is pretty amazing, probably some of the best I have ever had. I went back in June 2012 and to this day I still talk about how beautiful, fun, and how it was the most amazing trip I have ever been on. I have to say to anyone reading this if you are looking for an incredible time, going on a trip with Captain Thomas & Linda will be the time of your life.”

Kim Anna Antol & Kate Hanna—the “Moms” of Troop 17 Allison Park, PA :
“In a sentence—We went on a week adventure with “old friends” that we just met and left wanting to come back again very soon!”

Randall & Cameron Barnett, Asheville, North Carolina :
“My son and I earned the Triple Crown Patch for attending all three high adventures for the Boy Scouts of America by completing the final experience on the Ciganka as our Sea Base experience. It was a first-class exceptional experience that topped Philmont and the Boundary Waters. We are proud of our Triple Crown patch and tell other scouts that Sea Base on the Ciganka was amazingly outstanding.”

Former Boy Scout Jim B. who after sailing aboard Ciganka twice became a boat builder. Read his story:
“I went on a high adventure cruise with my boy scout troop 119 in the spring of 2003. We cruised around the Abaco Sea, and stayed on Ciganka. We had such a great time that our troop chartered through Ciganka privately the following spring! The experience of sailing the boat around was awesome, and the story of how Thomas and Linda built the boat and used her as their business was inspiring to me. I had always liked boats and boating but when I returned from both my trips on Ciganka I became very interested in boat- building and design. I visited the Landing School during my summer break from high school and later attend- ed for two years making it my college choice, taking both the boatbuilding and the yacht design courses. After graduation I got a job with Teakdecking Systems as an installer. I now travel around the world putting interior floors and exterior decking on all types of boats, from small inflatable tenders to the largest yachts in the world. Some of my projects have been M/Y “Cakewalk” a 281 foot yacht, the largest built in the united states. I helped to build and install the interior hardwood floors and did detail work on the decks, during the finishing stages of the build. I have also worked on many Trinity, Westport, Burger and Delta yachts. Some smaller boats I have worked on are Jupiter and Yellowfin fishing boats and a new interior floor in a 33′ capedory. In my spare time from work I am building a kayak and hoping to start my own boatbuilding business soon.

Thank you to Thomas & Linda aboard Ciganka for giving me a truly unforgettable experience and deeply affecting my career in the boatbuilding industry.

Respectfully, Jim Beshures

Janine Rohde from WI:
“Had the best time with friends and family on board Ciganka. Captain Thomas and the “Admiral” always make you feel at home.”