Ciganka’s Charter Crews Help the People in The Dominican Republic!

After a week of amazing sailing on Ciganka in 2013, Boy Scout Troop 59 from Allendale, NJ, Troop 349 from Falls Church, VA, Troop 235 from Hampstead, NC, and the Gerrity Family from Chetopa, KS contributed to the “Dominican Republic Help the People Fund.” 

Attached are some pictures of the families that YOU were able to help this year.  I have written some explanation of the family situation with the pictures.  Thomas and I thank each of you that contributed and every penny you gave went directly to the people that needed it the most.  Thank YOU!!

The Dominican Republic is a beautiful country that holds a very dear spot for Thomas and I as we spend our “off season” in Luperon on Ciganka.  It is a 3rd world Spanish country with a lot of poverty.  The people are kind, welcoming, family oriented, hard working, helpful, and loving. 

For the past two years we have asked out charter crews if they would donate $1 to help the people of the Dominican Republic and at the end of the charter season we match the amount donated.  Then, when we are down in the Dominican Republic, we will give directly to the families that need it the most.  I printed out pictures of the charter groups that donated so the families could see who was behind this generous gift.  Last year we were able to make up big gift baskets of basic food items and necessities and deliver this to 16 different families. 

This year we decided to take a different approach and give money directly to the parents as they knew best what the family needed.  And we felt it better for the kids to see Mom and Dad providing instead of “Gringos” coming in with a bunch of goodies.  A huge THANK YOU to all of those who contributed!