Troop 13 – Franklin, TN

And the “gang” is finally all here!!  Due to a mechanical problem on the first leg of their trip they were 1 ½ days late in getting here.  BUT we cranked it out in high gear right away and got so much done this week!  They got 1 or 2 amazing snorkels in every day, had some fantastic sails, beaching, shelling, exploring, finding conch, and eating incredible delicious food on board.  Troop 13 really came together as a crew and had a lot of fun.  The Captain and I were commenting on how gracious, helpful, and kind they all are.  Such a pleasure to have them on board.  We got to celebrate David’s 18th birthday, Aiden found a $100 bill as he was snorkeling, and a house sale went through!  There were many great accomplishments individually and as a Troop.  We look forward to Troop 13’s return in 3 years….unless you want to come back sooner……that is fine with us!  Thanks guys ~