Troop 13 – Franklin, TN


By the end of the week Troop 13 was running this ship in its entirety! They were up bright and early in the morning, drink crew did their job, up went the sun cover, and breakfast crew was ready to go! Not a word needed to be spoken by the Captain or Admiral to make this happen. They each fine tuned their skills to get Ciganka under full sail in record time. They learned to tack like pros, steer close into the wind, go to and from anchor under sail, and then lower each sail, fold the sails properly, and tie them up. They always wanted to do a great job and really came together as crew in all aspects of running this ship! It was such a blast to watch and be a part of with Troop 13! We also got in some fabulous snorkeling, beaching, and island exploring. We sure enjoyed each and everyone of you and can only hope we will sail together again in the not too distant future!


Welcome to the “Scouts” part of this crazy and fun crew!


Our first morning we had french toast, sausage, peaches on the side, OJ and good hot coffee!


Thank you Galley Crew


Owen was first on the helm as we got Ciganka under full sail Sunday morning


I’d say these adults look like they are ready for some fun in the Bahamas!


And these guys are ready for anything!


Hey Bennett – you are doing a great job on the helm!


Wes is ready to catch a BIG one!


Bennett caught a small Jack.


Just a little down time


Rub a dub dub – How many Scouts in that tub??


Off they go…


…to do the drift dive at Iron Cay


What a fantastic group picture!!


Robert and Byron making about 100 pancakes. They loved my restaurant grade pancake dispenser. Oh yeah!


Lesson of they day….


How to tie a clove hitch


Now it is your turn Jacob!


Will had to kneel down to tie it. You are one tall young man!


George found a mature Queen Conch so Captain Thomas is showing the crew how to clean it.


This is the conch meat that is inside the shell. Pretty wild huh?


Joey lost his water bottle over board so he has to climb down the whisker stays to the bobstay at the bow of the boat to retrieve it as the Captain steers the boat toward it. Yes he got it!


Love hanging out with my buddies on the bow sprit!


Getting ready for our Sandy Cay dive






We saw sharks, eagle rays, turtles, huge sting rays, and all kinds of colorful reef fish!


Now off to explore Pelican Cay. We have the whole island to ourselves!


Pretty darn spectacular!


Spannker Crew hoisting sail!


Byron and Will hoisting the spannker throat halyard


Now they have to sweat it off


Robert hoists the spannker peak halyard while Cy watches they he does not get ahead of the throat crew


OH YEAH – Our Mainsail Crew!!


Tough Stuff – no doubt!!


Wayne taking care of the down haul line – with a smile as usual!



Joseph and Wes sweating off the mainsail throat halyard. Awesome!


Hoyt is on the mainsail sheet – doing such a great job!


Jacob and Bennett are in charge of hoisting the mainsail peak halyard. You guys did super!


Father and son hoisting the jib halyard! Too cool!


Jib up!


Point Man George doing his job on the jib


Owen and John are the staysail halyard crew


Robert is handling the staysail sheet. Thanks!


Spannker Crew back wind to starboard


Isn’t that fun??


This is how the halyard line looks after you pull the sail up


The you have to coil clockwise into a nice neat pile


Then you secure it over your belaying pin. Very nice!!


Jacob on the helm with Ciganka sailing about 9 knots!


Hoyt was so happy when we were sailing! An endless smile on his face!


Mainsail Crew sheeting in


Daniel and Joey are on the starboard jib sheet. Pull it in and keep it low.


Crank it in Joey


Really good friends


Jib Crew tying up their sail


Such a great job tying up the staysail!!


Off to enjoy the day in Hope Town!


They get to climb to the top of the lighthouse and see the incredible view!


The Captain gives Jackc some instruction on how to sail Ciganka close into the wind


We had to cancel our snorkel because there was a storm a brewing…


We were all a bit mesmerized watching it come toward us


And maybe a little afraid??


As the front edge of the storm approached we could see the clouds above us rotating in a circular motion


It was fascinating to watch!


As the rain came pouring down we turned on the AC and many of our tired crew crashed!


So pooped out!


We thought the rain was finally letting up so we got the crew in to Guana Cay to enjoy Nippers!


After a delicious steak dinner, and the rain still coming down, what is a Boy Scout to do but play poker!


Our morning breakfast was plain pancakes and pancakes with chocolate chips. So yummy!


Go guys!


Spanker Crew backwind to port!


Troop 13 – Franklin, TN


Congratulations to our 2 “Conch Award of Excellence” recipients! We are proud of both of you!!


Troop 13 – Franklin, TN