Troop 275 – East Longmeadow, MA


A very close knit, helpful, kind crew showed up on Ciganka ready to make the very most of their week on board. And we did it up! Many of the Scouts had never snorkeled before so when they saw the amazing sea life on the ocean reefs they were hooked! They took advantage of the time on the reefs and put on the snorkeling miles! We also had enough wind that we got Ciganka sailing fast under full sail several times. It was fun to watch how quickly they came together as a working crew. They had pride in what they needed to do and did their best at every task. It was a privilege to have this troop on board. The way you all look out for each other every step of the way is something to be extremely proud of! And now “Elvis” has left the boat and the laughter and love follows. A special thanks to Carole, Greg, and Bob. Troop 275 we can only hope we will have you on board again!


Finally… the water in the Bahamas!!


The crew makes their way to shore at Shell Cay


A little rugby action goin’ on


Cool spot!


Time to explore the island



Carl and “Carl’s Dad”


Our fearless leaders. They looked really stressed don’t they??


Ian is the first to take the helm with Ciganka under full sail.


Miss Lynn and the Captain


Carole gets some “chillin’ time”! Good on ya!


We sailed real close to the Fish Cays


We’re all enjoying the ride!


Carl at the helm making sure we don’t hit anything!


There are no leftovers. Thanks Cody!


The Captain with his favorite cereal!


Carl ready to go snorkeling. We worked on how to breathe through the snorkel like Darth Vader!


He did great!


The crew had this whole amazing beach to themselves.


The water really is this clear and blue. Oh yeah!


The ocean side of Bakers Bay




Taking just a short snooze


Are we wearing you guys out?


This was a good one….Kyle was watching some of the guys fish off the stern of the boat.


Then he just fell asleep right there holding onto the stern rail.


Plum tuckered out!


BIG laughing Apples to Apples game going on in the evening


Kathy taught the scouts how to make their own ankle bracelets and necklaces. They were really cool looking.


One evening off in the distance we saw the beginning of a water spout starting to form. But it never fully developed….thank goodness!


Captain Thomas giving his knot tying lesson


Hanging out on the bow sprit


Andy caught a really big big coral rock!!


This crew took an extra turn at breakfast because these “chefs” wanted to make something special with eggs.


They made 2 different kinds of scrambled eggs, hash browns, sausage, french toast, and fresh fruit.


It was absolutely delicious. The best breakfast we have ever had on Ciganka!


This is the Re-Con Team


Ready to snorkel Fowle Cay reef


Re-Con Team is off on their mission


Sherry is ready too!


Fowle Cay Reef



Carl and “Carl’s Dad” are ready for another snorkel. Look at that water!!


Cute Lynn!


Off to enjoy a walk into Man-O-War settlement and then a nice snorkel off the Low Spot.


Thanks you two!


I love this picture!


We had a nice stiff breeze blowing this morning and got ready for a great sail. Suncover is taken down and rolled up.


Spanker Crew – Sail up!


What an awesome Spanker Crew!


Bob ready on the main sail sheet. Kathy ready on the down haul line.


Mainsail UP!



Andy and Greg on the mainsail throat halyard. They DID NOT mess around!!


Ben and Kyle on the mainsail peak halyard. Gooooooooo!


Greg sweating off the throat halyard. Tough stuff!!


Ready to hoist the staysail


Carole making off the staysail sheet


Coiling the halyard line


Backwinding the staysail


Spanker Crew backwind hard to starboard!


Look how far over they have their sail pulled over. Fantastic job!!


Kyle ready on the starboard jib sheet


Getting the jib ready to go up



Kyle pulls hard on the jib sheet


Ben cranks it in



We had several Moms enjoying this week with their son. How special is that! Great having you both on board!


And we have 3 Eagles. Getting your Eagle is so important. Congratulations Andy, Ian, and Greg!


Sherry got out on that bow sprit while we were sailing fast under full sail!


Ian really enjoyed his time on the helm



Our “solo” guys for the week. What a blast having each of you on board!!


Dave getting pointers from the Captain on steering the ship as close into the wind as possible.


You are doing good Dave. You are doing good!


A real special Mother and Son pair. Thank you both!


Another one bites the dust….


We took the jib down and got it all folded and wrapped up


Yeah CREW!


Mom and Son hanging out together all week….priceless. Thanks Lynn and Kyle!


Staysail down, folded, and wrapped up tight


Dad got to hang out with his sons too. Very nice!


“Squirrel Man” Chris doing his “thing” and he did it well!


Good job “Squirrel Man”!


“Crew Chief” Greg with his Dad. We sure enjoyed having you as part of the incredible week!


Andy is part of this family too!


And so is Uncle Dave!


Ian was our “Point Man” working the staysail and jib. Spot on Ian!!


What a great looking CREW! Off to snorkel Bakers Bay ocean side reef.


Let’s go snorkeling!


Carl is looking for a shark!!


Thursday morning we had nice steady winds for another fun sail.


Great staysail crew!


One of THE BEST Spanker Crew!


Kathy was in charge of the “down haul” line. And you did a fantastic job!


Ed hoisting the jib. YEAH!


Thanks Ed!


Bob working the main sheet. Super super!


We had such nice winds we headed out into the Atlantic ocean. Captain is explaining to Jon how to steer and hold the helm with these seas.


He held a great helm!


The Scouts of Troop 275


The Spanker Crew became a tight knit “faternity” of great Spankers!


This is the sign they made


Andy caught a barracuda as we sailed in from the ocean. We can’t wat those so we got the hook out of him and he swam away. It was fun to watch him bring it in.



Lynn did a incredible job at the helm while sailing in the ocean. Salty Girl!


Troop 275 – Scouts, Scout Master, and Assistant Scout Masters – Love ya guys!


“Admiral” Linda with her buddy Carl! Thank you Carl for being an important part of a great week!


Congratulations to Ian, our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient. What a pleasure Ian!!


Troop 275 – East Longmeadow, MA