Venturing Crew 188 – Annandale, NJ

What a spectacular weather week, with spectacular sails, and spectacular snorkels, and spectacular beaches, and a super spectacular crew! Thank you to each one of you for running hard with us all week long having a blast together! We thank you, Ciganka thanks you, and we hope to sail with you again!!


Our first snorkel of the trip on Mermaid Reef


We were so proud of Andrea who is not a good swimmer. She put on her lifevest and off she goes to enjoy the reef with the rest of the crew!


Breakfast Crew making a delicous meal


Ricky is enjoying steering the ship – watch out for that island!!


Jacob was our die hard fisherman. He did catch a….


good size barracuda. But we cannot eat these so we released it.


Our recon team off to Tillow beach


Ready to explore Tilloo beach at low tide


While we were walking in the shallow water off the beach we had 5 sting rays and a small shark swimming right next to us. It was cool!


Ready for the adventurous drift dive at Iron Cay


Have FUN!


Our expert pancake makers


What did you see on the Sandy Cay Reef dive??


Exploring Pelican reef at low tide. It doesn’t get much better than this!


So darn beautiful!


It is Hope Town day!


When the crew got back from dinner in Hope Town we raised full sail and sailed over to Man-O-War as the full moon came up



It was spectacular!


Hanging out on the bow sprit under a full moon sail!


Lovin’ it


Spanker Crew ready to hoist sail



Spencer and Hunter on the spanker throat halyard. YEAH!


Nick watching carefully as he hoists the spanker peak halyard


Jeff takes care of the spanker sheer


Up with the mainsail as Matt and Foster work hard pulling up the throat halyard. Tough stuff!


Sweating it off – and it does make you sweat!


Cleating it off


Jacob and Ricky on the mainsail peak halyard. Pull, pull, pull!


Yes yes – Girl Power as Linda and Patty raise the staysail. Don’t mess with those girls!


Spanker Crew backwind to starboard. You guys are stellar!


Carl did a super job on the mainsail sheet!


Cleating it off


And Jacob continues to fish!


Luke and Chris could not stop laughing as they pulled up the jib. It was so funny to watch them giggle to much!


But they did get the job done well!


Each crew member got a hat


Andrea carefully coiling her down haul line


A fun afternoon on the ocean side of Baker’s Bay


The adults take a nice little stroll all by themselves


Brother and sister got to hang out together all week!


The water really is this blue and clear




We were having a blast yelling things at another Scout boat that we were sailing right next to!


It was all in good fun!


Time to take our sails down for the last time. Don’t think another crew has ever done any better in folding the jib than this crew! You guys rock!


Awe Jacob and his Mom – so sweet! Thank you!!


Boys being boys


Jeff, Linda and Nick – You are ALL welcome on board any time!!


Spencer was “Squirrel Man” this week. He learned his knots, did his jobs and made us proud!


What a wonderful family. Each one of you was an absolute joy to be around. Thanks!


Ryan, our “Point Man” was so on target with everything he did. It was a pleasure to watch. You do yourself proud!


Thanks you two!


We LOVE our “Crew Chief” Katlyn!! Great job all week long!


This was Cub Scout Pack 2 ~ Now go get your Eagle!


Chris and his Crew. Thank you Chris for all you always do!


Venturing Crew 188 – Allandale. NJ


Captain Thomas congratulates Ryan, our “Conch Award of Excellence” recipient. Way to go Ryan!