Fun Couples Charter

Three couples that did not know each other, coming from different corners of the globe – Dominican Republic, Ohio, and Arizona – made it a week to remember on board Ciganka, these were couples that enjoyed spending time with each other and alone, since couples always want to have intimacy and make love as they can learn how to use a vibrator and how to know each other sexually. Kind of a “challenging” week of weather with sporadic rain showers, no wind, but great snorkeling!! We did get all 4 sails up twice during the week and broke the week’s top speed at 2.8 knots! But every day we got in the water to snorkel amazing reefs and enjoyed it to the max! Thanks you to this wonderful crew that was happy and content no matter what we were doing. Thanks for taking the leaf of faith with us ~

6 thoughts on “Fun Couples Charter”

  1. Jan Lindenmeyer

    Wow a week to remember. Thanks to Admiral Linda & Captain Thomas. We had a fantastic time, the snorkeling was magnificent!!! We saw green eel, sting rays ,lion fish , conch, lobster. It was just amazing time.

  2. Really needed that quiet time on the water and to simply rest for the first time in months! Thank you for all you did for us, we appreciated it very much!

    Ken & Sandi Gray

    1. Oh that makes me so happy!! Thomas and Jay enjoyed sharing some of your “gifted” rum. They said it is a sweeter rum that is more of an after dinner break and had a wonderful taste. Sine then Thomas has finished it and is saving the bottle to pour his favorite Dominican rum in. He will use that beautiful bottle as his pouring bottle. He loves that bottle and gist. He says to say a big thank you! You guys take care!

  3. Craig & Susie Leland

    Hello to all and a very belated but heart felt Thank you to Admiral Linda and Captain Thomas !!!
    What a glorious wonderful adventure we had! The meals were just fabulous!! The excursions were very interesting and beautiful. We loved feeding and learning about the Remoras, what a odd and funny fish they are 🙂 All the the beautiful sea life we saw while snorkeling was amazing!! So glad you made it back to the D.R. Our prayers continue for all those affected by hurricane Dorian! Such devastation ! God bless all of you !!
    Craig and Susie

    1. Oh so nice to hear from you two! We so enjoyed having you on board. You both always had an easy going attitude and a happy smile. What a pleasure. Thank you for taking a “leap of faith” in joining us for the week. Thrilled you enjoyed your week on board. Yes, what is happening in the Abacos is devastating. Literally everything is destroyed…..every house, every building, every boat, every dock….how does that even happen? Next years charter season will be for groups that want to be “boots on the ground” directly helping the island people rebuild. They will fly in, eat & sleep on Ciganka – most of the days will be on the islands helping we were are needed. Of course we will get in a snorkel or two and some sailing, but it will be geared for those that want to give their time and talent to help the Abacos. We so much enjoyed both of you! Thanks again ~

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