Scout Troop 58 – Middlesex, PA

We were lucky enough to have 2 weeks with Troop 58 “Rain Makers”. This crew was as awesome as the first, yet a heck of a lot less rain and storms, thank goodness!! They became skilled sailors, fantastic snorkelers, and learned all aspects of running Ciganka. Thank you to each and every one of you for another great week with Troop 58 ~

2 thoughts on “Scout Troop 58 – Middlesex, PA”

  1. John and Colin

    Colin and I would like to thank both Captain Thomas and Admiral Linda for a great week of sailing and snorkeling. We both had the adventure of a lifetime, selling a tall ship, and stepping outside of our comfort zone in ocean waters. We also would like to say thanks to Popeye Joel for the entertainment, and extending his knowledge of sailing. Our close friends and my wife are already planning a trip to the Bahamas for a sailing adventure. I’d like to give thanks to the beautiful sailing ship Ciganka for its smooth sailing and sturdiness. Captain Thomas sure did build a great ship with all of its mechanical engineering. Thomas is truly a man after my own heart building something from his hands.
    Thanks again from both Colin and John Clutter
    Watched a few of Joel’s videos and have learned lots more about both Thomas and Admiral Linda’s love of animals and wish them the best with their farm back home. Will be definitely be on our list to check for updates on Joel’s website. Thanks again to all on the great ship Ciganka.

    1. Thank you John for your kind words. What a pleasure having you, your son and the rest of Troop 58 on board as Crew! We support you in your sailing endeavors wherever they may lead. And if your wife ever has questions that I can help her with, I am only a phone call away. It would be a blast to have your family and friends on board sometime soon! Thanks again John ~

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