A Beautiful day – Beautiful haircut….oh and lots of bananas!

A Beautiful day – Beautiful haircut….oh and lots of bananas
Went to see our friends that built a house in the mountains in the DR for several reasons:
1. Because they are very cool people and we love them
2. Because they adopted the street dog, Lupe,  that I fell in love with that I was trying to find her a home
3. Because their wonderful neighbor, Morena, in the small town (population 70) close to where they live was going to cut my hair
4. Because their bananas, mangoes, and avocados are ripe
I saw a video that showed how to cut a short curly hairstyle that I wanted.  So I thought if I brought the video up the mountain to Lisa and Cade’s friend Morena she could give me the haircut of my dreams.  So in Morena’s salon we watched the video, with her donkey braying in the background, watched the video and then cut.  She cut the perfect haircut exactly like the video showed but even better!  Morena, you are a very talented, intelligent, and beautiful lady and I thank you!  And I got my “dog fix” with crazy sweet Lupe.  And I have more bananas than I know what to do with.  And we got to “hang” with our inspiring friends for the day!  A beautiful day ~
DR 2015 001 haircut haircut 1 Lupi 046 Lupi 026

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