A very exciting day!

Two years ago before we left the Dominican Republic we drilled a 280 ft. deep 12 inches in diameter water well in hopes we could create a good water source for the land.  There is no water supply out there so the end result of this was important for the future of the land.  Since we did not make it back to the DR in 2014 because we hauled Ciganka out in North Carolina we did not know exactly what this well would produce.  So today was the day to find out.  We got the water pump lowered down in the well 185 ft. with a 1 1/4 inch diameter PVC flexible pipe attached with electrical wire attached and then plugged it into our portable generator.  Out comes this beautiful cool clear water that we pumped out until the well ran dry at 185 ft.  The important question is how fast does it recharge?  How much water can we pull out of the well 24 hours a day 7 days a week?  So right now we are timing how many gallons per minute the well can sustain.  We will work this out over the next two days.  Then we will take a water sample and have it analyzed.  This was a very exciting day for us because the end result will open a lot of doors and options for our future with this beautiful land.  Thanks so much to Paul (aka Pablo), Eddie, and Mayre for helping us today!  And just a footnote: right now we are in the worst drought this country has seen 70 years!
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